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28. 6. 2021

Get maps ready for your vacation in Croatia, Poland or Hungary

Locus Map provides a solid map base in offline LoMaps, drawn from OSM data, but let's face it - there…

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Maps of the middle Europe – news and updates

Recently, several of our map partners have released a number of new maps as well as updates to existing titles.…

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Download DWG Tour&Trail maps for free!

One of our partnered map providers, Discovery Walking Guides, has resolved to offer their digital maps for free. This amazing…

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WMS maps in Locus Map 3.44? Not just for experts !

Locus Map offers a lot of maps for your outdoor fun. Over 150 online maps that can be downloaded or…

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Offroad-Navigation in Deserts with Locus Map Pro

by Andreas Woithon, Matsch&Piste There are a few demanding terrains for navigation on this planet. Deserts belong to them. Deserts…

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Enjoy your Christmas with LoMaps, SHOCart and Compass maps for half the price!

It's everywhere around us again. In the streets, shopping malls, TV, e-shops... Xmas trees, glittering decorations, carols, hordes of Santas...…

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Winter has come. Time to switch to ski maps!

Looking out of the window we're sure it's here. Overcast sky, temperatures dropped to zero, freezing drizzles. That's the less…

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