17. 3. 2023

Where did you take this pic? Look on the map!

The smartphone age brings with it one major phenomenon - we all take pictures of everything, especially when we go…

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Finally! Global satellite maps are coming into Locus

The new version of Locus Map brings a lot of improvements, fixes, and changes. We’ve chosen three of them for…

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The new Locus Map uses information from Wikipedia on the map

The OpenStreetMap.org data, which is the base for our LoMaps is not just about mapping roads, trails, forests, ponds, bike…

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Get maps ready for your vacation in Croatia, Poland or Hungary

Locus Map provides a solid map base in offline LoMaps, drawn from OSM data, but let's face it - there…

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Enjoy your Christmas with LoMaps and Compass maps for half the price!

Despite the grim and sad situation with the global pandemic, it's everywhere around us again. In the streets, shopping malls,…

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JohnThornMaps – why you might want to use them on your travels in UK

by John Thorn, UK First, some history... Twenty years ago, when you wanted a map for outdoor activity, the choice…

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Maps of the middle Europe – news and updates

Recently, several of our map partners have released a number of new maps as well as updates to existing titles.…

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