Who we are

We are a bunch of people enthusiastic about programming, and inventing new things, and we like being active outdoors – on foot or by bike. Locus Map is simply a product naturally resulting from a combination of our hobbies and interests.

Our team’s priority is active, open communication both with users of our applications and within the company. It is this openness that is largely behind the success of Locus Map, which is now used by over a million satisfied users. And in cases that sometimes surprise even ourselves. 🙂

We are a small team with big plans but we don’t chase numbers. We’re all about feeling good about products that make sense and can change the world for the better.

A bit of history

Jirka Mlavec a.k.a Menion started programming mapping apps during the first decade of this millennium. One of his products, Locus (without the ‘Map’ suffix at that time) looked especially promising. And eventually, in 2012, it became one of the most favorite outdoor navigations among hikers, bikers, and geocachers. More and more features, a growing user community, and a bulging app environment resulted in the team’s growth around its founder. Nowadays our team consists of 10+ members and it seems more will be needed soon…

Jiří Mlavec

Locus Map author, Asamm Software founder, the chief Android developer

A vegan, eco-anarchist, believing that everybody has choice... and responsibility.

Hana Mlavcová

Asamm Software co-founder, CAO & wellbeing manager

A vegan, animal rights activist, and a happy mother on maternity leave.

Jan Čapek

Project manager

The main decission maker of the overall development of Locus Map project. Thanks to him, everyone knows what to do and when. E-biking and rock climbing enthusiast.

Petr Voldán

GIS specialist and developer

Responsible for Locus Store and its content. He likes simplicity and his dream is the development of a magnetic table app. An avid e-trike rider.

Ondřej Janata

Senior backend developer

Our full-stack wizard. Synchronization and the web planner would not exist without him. Loves biking, hiking and nordic skiing in his homeland mountains.

Radim Večerek

Backend developer

A living proof that a theater lighting operator can become a versatile, first-class developer. An avid TET motorbiker and bikepacker.

Marek Scholtz

Android developer

A future bus driver who currently makes a living as a mobile app developer. He does not disdain hiking, cycling or any racket sport.

Petr Janda

iOS developer

After years of programming industrial machines in various parts of the globe, he landed in the quieter and cleaner "apple" industry. Occasional hiker and frequent visitor of Lysá hora mountain.

Michal Stupka

Copy/UX-writer, user support

A multi-genre musician, MTB rider, runner, hiker, gardener, housekeeper and a proud father of three.

Lucián Wild

Marketing wizard

Social media tamer and campaigner, raw vegan and cat lover. Constantly on the move - running, cycling and yoga and when he's sitting, it's only in the theatre or cinema.

Zdeněk Kondler

Graphic designer, user support

Hobby hiker, (motor)biker, climber. Former bartender, bonsai admirer, and musical instrument collector.