Even more fun(ctions) for those who take their outdoor adventures seriously

Go fully offline

Get all offline LoMaps of the whole world for FREE. Low sized, with offline addresses, points of interest, elevation data, permanently updated. Plan your routes or navigate to any destination any time with a built-in offline LoRouter. Search and browse offline LoPoints.

Keep synced

Use your tracks, routes and points synced across multiple devices. Do you use one phone for cycling and another for geocaching? No problem, you can share your data between them effortlessly. Have a new phone? Start Locus with all your data on it.

Go web

Route planner in the app is pretty amazing but planning on a big PC screen has an advantage. You can build your own library of routes and share them across all your devices.

Go live

Share your location in real time with your family or friends in your own private groups. Nobody else will spy on you. Double password security granted.

Sport packet

Connect BT sensors on your bike, record tracks with multiple profiles, monitor your rides on dashboards using handsfree screen control. Listen to audio coach prompts, export your workouts automatically to Strava and other services.

Map tools

Calibration of map images, map offset, overlays of two maps of any type, terrain shading according to offline elevation data and more for true cartographic enthusiasts.

What you can get

or € 1.4 monthly
or € 3 monthly
No ads
Track recording
Route planning
Dashboard - bike computer
Sensors connectivity
Audio coach
Advanced map&track tools
All offline LoMaps for free
Global satellite map
Personal web-library of tracks
Built-in offline router
Multi-device sync
Live tracking in private groups


Most frequent questions and answers

Either via Locus Map > My Premium or via Google Play.

You can cancel it any time.

Even though you cancel the subscription you can enjoy its features to the end of the subscribed period.

If you don’t cancel it, the subscription renews automatically.

You can do so any time. Your old subscription is terminated at the moment of confirmation of the payment for the higher plan. The remaining unused money for the old subscription transfer to the new one and the payment term is postponed according to the sum recalculated according to the new subscription.

Example: Albert has a monthly subscription to the Silver plan of Locus Map. This subscription costs him 1 € per month, and it renews on the first of the month.

On April 15, Albert chose to upgrade to the annual version of the Gold subscription, which costs 24 € per year.

Albert’s Silver subscription ends immediately. Since he paid for a full month (April 1-30) but upgraded halfway through the subscription period, half of a month’s subscription (0.5 €) is applied to his new subscription. However, since that new subscription costs 24 € per year, the 0.5 € credit balance pays for only one week (April 16-23), so on April 24, he is charged 24 € for a new subscription and another 24 € on April 24 of each year following.

Yes, we offer you exclusive discounts of 100% for one year of Silver Annual and 50% for Gold Annual subscription.

To claim the discount, please do the following:

  1. make sure you have logged in to Locus Store of your old Locus Map Classic (Pro) at least once
  2. Install the new Locus Map
  3. go to the “Go Premium” screen, you’ll be automatically offered the discounted subscriptions

You can claim the discount at any time.

If you start with the Silver for free, you can switch to Premium Gold any time.  Proportional part of the original price of the Silver will be subtracted from the price of Gold.

The new generation of Locus Map brings a lot of improvements, among others:

  • new user interface – the main screen, controlling, point label etc.
  • new native online content – default online LoMaps, LoRouter and LoPoints
  • new route planner with integrated map content panel
  • OneDrive support for direct import/export and automatic backup

More details >>

Nothing happens. Your app stays as it is with all Premium features. When you get back, the app gets online and it finds out your Premium expired, it gives you a grace period long enough to re-subscribe comfortably.

Yes, there are one-time purchases, both for the Silver and Gold plans. You buy a time-period (three months or one year), use the app in Premium mode. When the period expires, the app turns into the basic mode. No automatic renewal, no more payment, you have all under your control.