How does Locus Map 4 differ from Locus Map 3 Classic?

Locus Map 4 is the latest generation of Locus Map. Due to the number of changes and the updated business model compared to the older and still popular Locus Map 3 Classic (formerly PRO), we decided to give users a choice and keep both versions in development. Therefore, there is no automatic update to the newer generation. Instead, Locus Map 3 Classic continues to be updated to ensure error-free operation on new devices as well.

Compared to its predecessor, Locus Map 4 brings a number of improvements, new features, and integration with web services:

Ergonomic user interface

Everything is at your fingertips

  • The function panels have been moved to the bottom of the screen, leaving only the information panel and navigation box at the top.
  • The track or point detail panels also slide out from the bottom.

You can customize all the controls to suit your needs

  • Zoom, centering, content, track recording buttons and all panels can be hidden.
  • You can change the contents of the function panels and the main menu.
  • The entire screen can be flipped sideways for left-handers.

Save battery with the popular dark mode

  • You can have it switched on permanently or according to the time of day.

New maps, points of interest and router

Online LoMaps

  • Detailed FREE hiking/biking maps covering the whole world.
  • Including marked trails and shaded terrain for better orientation.

Satellite maps

  • Worldwide aerial and satellite maps on up-to-date Here and Maxar data.
  • Available down to zoom 18.
  • They can be kept in temporary memory for up to one year.

Online LoPoints

  • Dynamic points of interest with information for the whole world.
  • Thanks to the addition of data from Wikipedia, they also contain detailed descriptions and photographs.


  • Built-in router – no need to install external applications or use third-party services.
  • Available online and offline.
  • Route planning and navigation with optimized routing profiles.

Online LoMaps, satellite maps, LoPoints and LoRouter are available both in the app and in the web-based route planner.

Web services

Data synchronisation

  • You no longer have to worry about your tracks and points, they are automatically synchronized with the library on the web.
  • Sync with the cloud to conveniently use Locus Map on multiple devices.

Trip planning and route library on the web

  • Plan or import a route on the big PC screen, save and the route syncs with all your mobile devices.
  • You can view the track recorded on your mobile phone during the trip on a large PC screen in the comfort of your home.

…and other improvements

  • OneDrive connectivity
  • Coordinate grid display
  • Support for custom WMTS map sources
  • BT and ANT sensor manager
  • Offline LoPoints search

What will I get Locus Map 4 for?

The app is available in three variants.

The basic version, which you can download as a standalone app from Google Play, is FREE. It includes everything you need for everyday outdoor activities – route planning and track recording or navigation.

For outdoor enthusiasts, there is the PREMIUM SILVER package, containing sports and mapping tools. For the most demanding users, there is the PREMIUM GOLD variant, containing all the features of the app and all the web services. For a detailed comparison of the Premium packages, click HERE >>

PREMIUM variants are available as part of a subscription and for a one-off time payment. Locus Map 3 Classic users receive an exclusive 100% discount on annual Silver and 50% on annual Gold.

Switching between Locus Map 3 and Locus Map 4

Both applications can be installed independently.

Locus Map 4 at Google Play >>

Locus Map 3 Classic at Google Play >>

If the other version is detected on the phone, the app will offer a smooth transfer of user data. Alternatively, both versions of the app can be used in parallel on the same device.