Support of Search and Rescue organizations

In this program, we provide free licenses for a full-featured outdoor navigation application Locus Map 4 to members of Search&Rescue teams across the world. SAR teams can get:

  • Locus Map 4 Premium Silver FREE for all active members of your team for two years (with the possibility of further renewal, max 100 licenses per organization)

  • Locus Map 4 Premium Gold FREE for one senior executive for two years (with the possibility of further renewal)

  • 40% discount on two years of Premium Annual Silver and Gold ordered above the free license limit

We will provide the licenses through vouchers issued directly by our company without Google’s involvement, so the app will work in Premium mode also on phones without Google services (latest Huawei, etc.). 

Among the conditions for granting free licenses is the promotion of the app:

  • after taking the licenses, you will insert our app logo with a link to on your organization’s website or you will publish a post on your social networks about your use of our app with the hashtag #locusmap or publish a blog post on your website – please do at least one of these options, at best, please do all of them.
  • within one year of granting the licenses, you will report to us on the use of the application and your satisfaction with its deployment (we may cite parts of the text on our website or social media)

Licenses are provided on the base of the application form filled and sent to us at pr(at)

We are honored to cooperate with the following S&R organizations: