20. 7. 2020

Where did you take this pic? Look on the map!

Locus Map is such a comprehensive and versatile software that it sometimes happens that it surprises even one of the…

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How to avoid risky snow slopes and other safety and comfort tips

Last time we talked about maps helpful for your winter activities with Locus - LoMaps displaying cross country skiing trails…

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Custom navigation line and further improvements in the new Locus Map 3.41

Despite very nice summer-like weather in October here in mid-Europe, we've continued working hard on tuning and improving Locus Map.…

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New Locus Map 3.40 starts navigation with your favorite app preset

The autumn is here, the main season is over. Nevertheless, we haven't given up our jobs. On the contrary... During…

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Error in the map? Report it in Locus!

There is no map in the world that could be marked as flawless. Each map is just a momentary image…

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NFC ends in Locus. But Locus doesn’t end with NFC!

Rise and fall of NFC in Locus NFC (Near Field Communication) started to gain popularity some time in 2014 when…

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Heading to a geocache deep in the woods without roads? Locus guidance can help.

When you are moving in free terrain with no roads or paths, heading to a distant target - a hunters…

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