8. 6. 2022

Which phone is best for Locus Map?

We hear this question quite often on the Locus forum, on the helpdesk, and on social media. What parameters should…

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The new Locus Map uses information from Wikipedia on the map

The OpenStreetMap.org data, which is the base for our LoMaps is not just about mapping roads, trails, forests, ponds, bike…

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Again about Locus Map on Android 11 – the latest development

At the beginning of last November, Android launched a new file management system in applications. What this meant for Locus…

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Android 11 brings a major change to Locus directories

Google's Android operating system has always been an attraction for independent developers. It attracted above all with the range of…

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Locus Map 4.4 is easier to connect to external sensors

The summer season is slowly coming to an end, but not our work on Locus. That's why we released a…

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Finally, you can plan routes between caches on the web

Custom points, geocaches, displaying several routes at once… Finally, this massively expected functionality, which we call the ugly word "multicontent"…

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Free Swisstopo maps and other news in the current Locus Map 4.3

We have the summer season in full swing, and despite the fact that some of our team are enjoying a…

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