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19. 3. 2020

Spring is waking up, enjoy it with Locus Map

The snowdrops are slowly blooming out, out are crocuses, daffodils, and tulips. And also bear garlic! Even the trees and…

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How to save the battery with GPS auto-off feature?

Smartphone battery consumption is one of the most disputed topics across user communities of all mobile platforms. Android  not excluded…

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Výlety a zábava pro rodiny s dětmi

This content is available in Czech only.

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With Locus From Canterbury to Rome in Sigeric’s Footsteps

Do you know Sigeric? Besides he was the Archbishop of Canterbury in the late 90's of the tenth century, he…

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Geocaching – landscape exploiting or preserving activity?

Not just a game for kids When I with my family began geocaching some six years ago we knew roughly…

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Locus4Women – finally a gender-balanced outdoor app

Not only EU but the whole World resonates with the movement for better gender balance. Universal suffrage, equal salary conditions,…

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