Where did you take this pic? Look on the map!

Michal, Locus team

Locus Map is such a comprehensive and versatile software that it sometimes happens that it surprises even one of the members of our team with a tweak. For example, Honza recently lamented what it would be like to be able to view photos from a recent trip above the map. “Mobile photos are all tagged, so that shouldn’t be a problem, should it?” Well, for Locus Map, of course, this is not a problem. So we showed him that he would find that feature in the somewhat neglected content bar (the one that slides out from the left).

Where do I get those photos?

In order for Locus to display your travel photos above the map, you need to tell it where to find them. Select additional layers in the content bar and click geotagged photos in the list. An empty window will open with the traditional blue “+” . Below it is a file manager, in which all you have to do is search for the folders with the photos you want to view. This is most often the DCIM folder in your phone’s internal memory or SD card. The advantage is when you have photos sorted into multiple folders, you can activate them individually in Locus. In addition, Locus also handles one level of subfolders.

Quick show, quick hide

Once Locus knows where to get the photos from, you need to tell it which ones to display on the map. Centrally, photos are turned on and off in the content panel:

If you have more than one folder defined, you can choose which one to display in the list:

Many of us have hundreds or thousands of photos on our mobile phones and Locus loads them gradually. Once there are too many on the map, the system can no longer catch up. We, therefore, recommend displaying photos in folders or turn them off when we no longer need them. Locus then responds much faster.

Show detail

The map with thumbnails of photos looks really cool, but what if you want to see a photo detail? Just click on a point, it will pop up a label with information about distance and altitude and with a larger preview of the photo:

Click on the preview to get to the detail, which you can enlarge with two fingers to the original size:

You can navigate, guide, and plan a route from your photos

Yes, the photos above the map behave exactly like normal points in Locus. You can start navigating to them, guiding to them with a beeline, or including them in the route when planning a trip:

It’s up to your imagination now. So get on your bike and go!


  1. Martin
    20. 7. 2020

    Great feature, thanks!

  2. Belu
    21. 7. 2020

    Great ! Was uploading them manually point by point until now after my hiking/running/ATV trips.
    But I can't manage to create a folder and copy my pics in it, geotags are lost after copy.

  3. Tapio
    22. 7. 2020

    A lovely feature... Now since you bring it up. A feature for navigating to prev/next image if in fullscreen would be nice.
    Also an image view without the huge title bar.

  4. Tapio
    22. 7. 2020

    "Get on your bike". No, pls don't forget the hikers amongst us.

  5. Roman Vitt
    23. 7. 2020

    How about extending the feature with an option to source the photos from Google Photos cloud repository? That would make this perfect! Looking forward ;)

  6. Blntasca E
    24. 7. 2020

    Only a few photos was shown. What can I make to see all pictures?

  7. Belu
    26. 7. 2020

    ...and so runners and ATVs !
    I managed to copy pics to a folder without losing the geotag, but half part of photos in the folder are not displayed, shame.

    • Michal
      28. 7. 2020

      Please install latest 3.47.2. If the problem remains, contact our support at help.locusmap.eu. Thanks!

  8. Артём
    30. 7. 2020

    Незнаю как у вас у меня отображаются все фотографии

  9. Slavo
    1. 8. 2020

    Zdravím Luxus používam dosť často aj ako záchranár. Chcel by som sa opýtať, že či sa dá poslať fotka a ten čo ju dostane si ju stiahne na mapu ako bod a môže spúšť navigáciu na danú fotku ako na daný bod? Ďakujem Slavo

    • Michal
      11. 8. 2020

      Dobrý den, ano, na fotku lze navigovat, stačí ji zobrazit.

  10. Guenter
    2. 8. 2020

    Same problem as Blntasca. Four pictures taken, only two are visible. Motorola Moto G6 with Android 9, Locus latest version

    • Michal
      11. 8. 2020

      We've investigated this problem earlier. For some unknown reason some photos have incorrect EXIF and Locus can't read the metainformation in it. Sorry about that.

  11. Alain Montané
    20. 8. 2020

    Locus is really the best!!!

  12. eric anderson
    22. 8. 2020

    Looks good ☺️

  13. Alain Montané
    29. 8. 2020

    Hello, the handling worked very well on my smartphone, but impossible on my huawei tablet mediapad m3 where i have copied my pictures???
    Thank's for your job.

    • Michal
      31. 8. 2020

      Hi, please contact our support at https://help.locusmap.eu/ticket/add and send more info, screenshots etc.

  14. Roman Musil
    1. 9. 2020

    Dobrý den. Locus je báječný. Rád ho používám. Nějak se mi ale nedaří fotky na mapě zobrazit. Měl jsem vypnuty služby lokace. Službu jsem zapnul, udělal fotku, nastavil cestu, ale fotku na mapě nevidím. Fotka údaje o poloze už má. Myslím gps.

    • Michal
      2. 9. 2020

      Dobrý den, kontaktujte nás prosím na https://help.locusmap.eu/ticket/add a pošlete některou z problémových fotek k otestování. Díky. Michal, Locus team

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