8. 11. 2017

Avoid areas when navigating and set new track styles with Locus Map 3.27

A month has passed and we are releasing another version of Locus Map - 3.27. Last time we introduced a…

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Locus again involved in scientific research – mapping endemic rodents in Africa

Versatility of our app that is primarily designed for leisure time use outdoors seems not to know borders. We have…

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Geocaching – landscape exploiting or preserving activity?

Not just a game for kids When I with my family began geocaching some six years ago we knew roughly…

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Martin Vlach: A Locus Story

In September we announced competition for the best story with Locus Map. The prize was a 1000 CZK voucher to…

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Does Locus Map work on SD card or not?

This question has been nagging us and our users since Android Kitkat 4.4.2. arrival on scene and our phones or…

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Locus Team on a motorbike in Austrian Alps

In the middle of the summer we set off to a Locus testing trip to the Austrian Alps and by…

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45 000 kilometers with Locus Map

Two months ago a new topic emerged on our helpdesk. It wasn't a bugreport nor an idea how to improve…

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