Rescue dog in action
4. 2. 2020

Locus Map helps with searching for lost people

Search&Rescue support program Over the years of Locus Map's history, a lot of times our users wrote to us about…

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Across Moroccan dessert with a great help from Locus

by Pablo Riveiro De Arriba Before traveling to Morocco for the first time, three years ago, I was looking for…

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Locus again involved in scientific research – mapping endemic rodents in Africa

Versatility of our app that is primarily designed for leisure time use outdoors seems not to know borders. We have…

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Geocaching Triad? Mission accomplished in 2/3s!

by Sarah Murphy If you’ve never heard of the Geocaching Triad, it’s touted by Groundspeak as the crowning achievement for…

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Geocaching in Dublin’s Fair City

by Sarah Murphy Dublin city centre has lots of great caches to not only keep you busy and explore various…

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Moravian karst as a perfect spot for Locus testing (and teambuilding)

Outdoor navigation app is developed at a desk in a warm office, however, its terrain testing is its inseparable part.…

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Meet Kagu, an endangered bird Locus helps to preserve

Who is Kagu? The Kagu (or Cagou) is a highly unusual, almost flightless bird, which due to its startling ash-white…

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