Viewrangers, welcome!

Michal, Locus team

On March 1, a message appeared on Twitter that Viewranger, our very strong competing app, had been shut down by its new owner, Outdooractive. VR users are now forced to use the Outdooractive application. However, not everyone is satisfied with the upgrade, so they are looking for an alternative. Many turn to us and want to know what Locus Map can do. This article is intended primarily for those.

Locus Map is what you are looking for

The Viewranger was great and inspired us in many ways. That’s why you can find in Locus Map more or less everything you used in Viewranger. Whether it’s basics like activity recording, route planning, navigation, use of various maps… or specialties like Live Tracking (similar to  VR’s “Buddy Beacon”), augmented reality (similar to popular “Skyline”), or wearables support (Wear OS, Tizen, and Garmin).

Let’s look at each item in more detail:

Activity recording

All your outdoor activities can be recorded in Locus. Just select the type of activity and press the start button. This is available not only directly in the app on the main screen, but also in the widget or an add-on in the smartwatch.

When recording, the application generates a number of statistics. In addition to the parameters obtained from GPS (length, speed, time, elevation…), it also records data from connected sensors – heart rate, cadence, power, etc. This data can be displayed directly above the map on the so-called dashboard:

Each activity has its own record profile, which can be customized in great detail. You can have an unlimited number of profiles for different types of activities.

The records are stored in a database in an application that synchronizes with the cloud and the web library.

Route planning

You can plan routes directly in the application via the planner, with or without an internet connection. If you prefer a large PC monitor, you can plan routes in the web planner. The route from it is automatically synchronized with all devices in which you have Locus Map installed.

Route planning is also performed using profiles in which you select the type of activity – according to it, the router selects the appropriate types of routes, surfaces, and elevation of the route. Of course, there is a manual mode for planning routes outside the mapped routes or the option to have a complete round trip designed – just enter the direction and distance.


You can navigate in Locus in several ways. The first option is along an already prepared routeplanned in the planner, imported from elsewhere, or previously recorded. Furthermore, the navigation destination can be specified directly on the map and Locus plans a route to it according to the entered criteria.

Another option that you will appreciate, especially in open terrain without roads, is beeline guidance to the target. The method is especially popular among geocachers.

Choose a map according to your needs

Locus Map offers as a default a hiking/biking map of the whole world – LoMap. It is based on OSM data and can be used online and offline. In addition to map data, it also contains dynamic LoPoints, offline addresses, and elevation data.

Like the Viewranger, also Locus Map offers maps from a number of other providers – Kompass, Outdooractive (DE), Freytag-Berndt (A), IGN (FR, BE), USGS, Neotreks / Accuterra (USA), Ordnance Survey (UK), and also lots of freely accessible online maps based on OSM.

Ordnance Survey maps

Most of the Viewranger users we spoke to use OS maps. We also have them in our Locus Store, in 140 offline packages, covering the whole of the UK. Maps are not subscribed as in Viewranger but are purchased individually for one-time payments. Each package contains two map layers – Landranger and Explorer – in several zooms.

We can offer you also Ordnance Survey OpenData maps combined with OSM data, Rowmaps, and Core Path maps in JohnThornMaps covering the whole UK.

Live Tracking is the new Buddy Beacon

You can share real-time location with family and friends using Live Tracking. It works both mutually – between individual Locus users – and one-way – the location from Locus in the mobile is displayed on the website.

You can share your location publicly or in a private group. You can create groups and invite other participants, you can also chat in them and send points of interest to each other.

Use a smart watch

You can also use Locus Map in conjunction with a smartwatch. We support Wear OS, Tizen (older Samsung watches), and Garmin platforms.

In all cases, Locus Map is the main application on the mobile phone and the watch adds an auxiliary add-on that displays your location on the map, navigation commands and you can also use it to control the track recording.

Where is Skyline?

You can also try out the popular augmented reality feature with Locus, using the Augmented Reality for Locus Map add-on. In principle, it works similarly to Skyline, but before turning it on, you must first turn on the LoPoint view and highlight the mountain peaks in Locus.

Can I customize Locus Map?

Yes, in many ways.

Starting at the main screen, which can be adapted for right-handers and left-handers, you can adjust the visibility of all the main buttons, as well as the function buttons in the sidebars.

You can set the style of routes at all the levels – for the whole application, route folders, navigation, route recording, and in the planner.

Customize the number and layout of items in the main menu, set units, coordinate systems, auxiliary graphics, coordinate grid, even the appearance and size of map and navigation cursors.

What do I need to pay extra for in Locus?

The application is in the basic version after downloading from the Google Play Store for FREE. It basically contains everything you need for everyday outdoor use – track recording, route planner, navigation, cycling/hiking map of the world online, and much more.

You can extend the functionality and remove restrictions on some features of the application by purchasing Premium Silver and Gold packages.

Premium Silver offers a larger map screen without ads and includes a suite of features for sports use as an audio coach or sensor connection manager. There is also a package of map tools for calibration, overlays, and map offsets.

Premium Gold offers maximum – all functions including data synchronization with the cloud, built-in offline router, all offline LoMaps of the world, satellite map, live tracking with private groups, etc.

Detailed comparison of premium plans can be found HERE >>

Maps of our commercial partners are not included in Premium packages. So everyone can buy just the map they really need.

Welcome to Locus Map!


  1. John Herbert
    15. 3. 2022

    I am an avid hillwalker/hiker, based in Scotland. As an x-VR user I initially used the OutdoorActive app when VR was swapping over. I say used in the most basic term, OutdoorActive was useless and did not come anywhere near to VR functionality. I was desperate for a good VR replacement, and 3 days ago a friend pointed me to Locus Maps. That friend is now my BEST friend. Absolutely brilliant. I have set it up just as I want for routes, recording, statistics etc and have been out on my local hills testing it yesterday and today. It is superb, in fact, and believe me I don't say this lightly, at this point I would rate it better than VR. I subscribed to the Premium Gold, and have the OS maps that I need for my days in the hills. If there is one point to make, and this is purely a personal one, I also like Harvey Maps for the Scottish mountains. Now that would be a bonus. Thanks Locus Maps, you have done a wonderful job. John

    • Michal, Locus team
      15. 3. 2022

      Thanks John!

      • Lesley Williams
        15. 3. 2022

        That friend would really like it to be extended to iPhone. Please when?

        • Michal, Locus team
          15. 3. 2022

          Working on it, but it's quite a bit of a way to go...

      • John Herbert
        4. 4. 2022

        Hi Michael, As a follow up to my first post on this x-VR blog (15.3.22), I am finding out so much more about the app which is just brilliant. One question I have. Once a track has been recorded and saved, there is a fantastic set of statistics, one of which is the expanded Best Interval data where I can view stats per km or whatever setting I choose. Brilliant. However, this is on the android app. When the tracks are sync’d and I access them on my laptop (Windows 11) via the online Planner and My Library there is still a good selection of statistics available, but not the Best Interval extended data (e.g. data per km etc). Any chance this could be a feature on the Planner, My Library when accessed via a laptop. Thanks John

  2. James B
    16. 3. 2022

    Another long time VR/IPhone user desperate for Locus on the Apple platform! Please…

    • Michal, Locus team
      17. 3. 2022

      We've started some preparations but it's a long way to go yet before there is anything usable.

  3. Ray
    17. 3. 2022

    Hi as an ex VR user & now using Outdooractive. I am interested in usage in Ireland. Would you have any plans of offering OSI or East West maps ?.

    • Michal, Locus team
      18. 3. 2022

      Hi Ray, yes, we've been discussing the cooperation with OSI for some time. Hopefully it'll go on successfully.

  4. Fritz
    18. 3. 2022

    Hallo an die Macher und Gratulation,
    seit vielen Jahren nutze ich schon die Apps von Locus, meine Begeisterung für diese Map ist ungebrochen. Danke auch für die steten und sinnvollen Weiterentwicklungen. Sicherlich ist es schon so, dass man nicht erwarten darf, dass Locus Map mit der sesselhaften Bequemlichkeit eines Autonavigationsgerätes konkurrieren möchte. Locus Map kann mehr, viel viel mehr. Einsteigern würde ich raten, Schritt für Schritt die Einstellungen gemäß der eigenen Wünsche abzuarbeiten.
    Für mich gibt es zu Locus Map keine Alternative, was aber in der Hauptsache mit meinem Anspruch zu tun hat. Mit der Nutzung von GPS habe ich Mitte der 90er Jahre mit den Geräten von G…in begonnen, Waypoints konnte man setzen und sich diesen per Näherungsmethode anpeilen, mehr nicht, Streckenführung gleich Fehlanzeige. Seit vielen Jahren nutze ich nur noch Locus auf dem Android-Smartphone u. Android-Tablet, was auch der Hauptgrund ist, warum ich kein IPhone verwende.
    Super ist nun, dass ich seit Locus Map 4 auch diese Map auf meinem iMac und iPad nutzen kann und das mit stetem Datenabgleich.
    Nur eine Bitte um einen Hinweis habe ich, bei der Spiegelung der Tracks u. Routen auf den iMac und das iPad, erfolgt dieses ohne pfeilartige Richtungsmarkierung. Habe ich da etwas übersehen?
    Ansonsten besten Dank und hoffentlich weiter so.

    • Michal, Locus team
      18. 3. 2022

      Hi Fritz, we've tested it on an iMac and it functions normally... what kind of Mac and what version of Safari browser do you use? Better if you contact us at and send a screenshot so that we are sure we know what you mean.

  5. Dominique Cabanat
    18. 3. 2022

    Traduction en français SVP

    • Michal, Locus team
      23. 3. 2022

      Try Google translator or DeepL.

  6. young Gordon
    20. 3. 2022

    I have been a viewranqger user for many years and had purchased the Irish OS maps. This week Viewranqger stopped working. I am paying for Outdoor active but the Irish maps are not available yet. Also the Opencycle map is not the public available version and shows none of the Irish Greenway ( the Opencycle map in AlpineQuest does. What is the situation in Locus?

    • Michal, Locus team
      23. 3. 2022

      Hi, Irish OS is not yet available but we are negotiating cooperation with them. Opencycle maps are available online and for download.

  7. Ivan
    20. 3. 2022

    Locus pouzivam od r 2017. Supr app. Tento rok som si kupil galaxy watch 4. Zial kupil som si Outdooractive len kôli tomu že na hodinach spustiš app nezávisle od telefonu. Casto sami stáva že idem nalahko iba s hodinami. Locus pochlapte sa.

    • Michal, Locus team
      23. 3. 2022

      Standalone watch add-on je v plánu, ale momentálně na něj není čas.

      • Ivan
        23. 3. 2022

        Dik. V dnesnej dobe kvalitnych hodin to bude nevyhnutnost. Mam tam aj SIM cize nezavislost od telefonu parada. Tesim sa ked to bude.

  8. Adam D
    22. 3. 2022

    I’m an ex-ViewRanger user and after 11 years of excellent service I’m very sorry that it’s being closed down.
    Locus maps sounds like a very good replacement but, like others, I would very much like to see the Apple version as soon as possible! But if it’s going to be a long time, I might have to buy an Android device just to use it.
    I’m living in Ireland so would hope OSI and OSNI maps are available soon.
    By the way I’ve used the JohnThorn maps in the past and they are excellent.
    Keep up the progress and good luck with getting the Apple version going as soon as possible.

  9. Alan Wong
    24. 3. 2022

    iPhone user here, a ViewRanger user since 2016, but I am not satisfied with the Outdoor active app. Looking forward to the launch of Locus Map on Apple Store

  10. Llorenç Puig
    26. 3. 2022

    Yes, indeed it is difficult to understand the closure of Viewranger. Outdooractive is much worse, it is another thing, nit dit cyclists or walkers but dit tourists...

    Fortunately Locus Maps is an excellent alternative! Thank you!

    But please do not fall into the temptation to sell the enterprise to another monster that pays you but makes it disappear an excellent app!
    This is the sad lesson of the disappearance of Viewranger.

    Thanks, Locus Maps, t'he app is great!

  11. Rob
    28. 3. 2022


    Another ex VIEWRANGER user!

    I have a problem in that no matter what I do in app and battery settings all I get when recording a track is a straight line. Please help



    • Michal, Locus team
      31. 3. 2022

      Hi, please get Locus Map permission for all-time access to location and exclude Locus from all means of battery optimization so that the app can run in the background. Instructions on how to do it are summed up here: or here:

  12. MortHomme
    1. 4. 2022

    Hello, thats all really shit! I made a *.rmap with CompeGPS Land. How is it easily possible to get it into my directory-system in the "maps" directory of Locus??? Improting odes not work, copying into the designated sub-directory does not work.

    • Michal, Locus team
      4. 4. 2022

      Hi, when you get calm, contact us at and tell us more - does any error message appear? Also, send the .rmap file for testing.

  13. John Herbert
    5. 4. 2022

    Hi Michael, As a follow up to my first post on this x-VR blog (15.3.22), I am finding out so much more about the app which is just brilliant. One question I have. Once a track has been recorded and saved, there is a fantastic set of statistics, one of which is the expanded Best Interval data where I can view stats per km or whatever setting I choose. Brilliant. However, this is on the android app. When the tracks are sync’d and I access them on my laptop (Windows 11) via the online Planner and My Library there is still a good selection of statistics available, but not the Best Interval extended data (e.g. data per km etc). Any chance this could be a feature on the Planner, My Library when accessed via a laptop. Thanks John

  14. John Herbert
    9. 4. 2022

    Hi Michael, Re Version 4.8.2 - Best Interval is not showing. I have updated to version 4.8.2 and since the update the Statistics screen Best interval displays the message "No Intervals here. This route/track can't be divided into intervals as it doesn't contain any time values" This is on all tracks, newly recorded since update and on old tracks prior to update which did show the Best interval data, and extended data. However, on my second phone with app, which is still running Version 4.8.1, all of the Best interval data is still available. So is there a glitch with V 4.8.2? Thanks John

    • Michal, Locus team
      11. 4. 2022

      Hi John,
      thanks for the report. The error has been fixed. Please wait for the next app version.

  15. UgisLa
    26. 4. 2022

    I had wiewranger for some 7 years. Fantastic!!! Simple, practic....Tried outdore...could not use as I needed...SHIT!!!!!!!! Those people should switch out outdore no WR!!!!!!!!!
    Found locus. Positive, that you have OSM. I need to see and quickly use all my tracks ON the map and switch between tracks quickly. Here LOcus is far behind WR. To many taps. Can not select one truck between others in red and use for driving. There is the label on,can not moove the map, after tap its lost. You need to do it as in WR!!!!
    Today I tried to draw new track in PC, but could not save and sinchronize between PC and phone. Lost few hours, not sucsess...

    • Michal, Locus team
      27. 4. 2022

      Hi, we understand it's hard to move to an unknown software from a well-known one. Give it some more time. To display all tracks in a folder on the map - tap the folder icon. To select the track directly on the map - tap it, and select "navigation" from the bottom menu. Synchronizing routes from the web with the app needs Premium Gold purchased/subscribed. Etc. The user manual can help, see Or contact Locus community at and

  16. Paul O
    27. 4. 2022

    Ex viewranger user, thank you very much for this alternative which is even more complete than ViewRanger. The application is really great with many useful tools, keep it up!

    The only nice tool missing from locus map that was on VR is the ability to associate photos taken with a recorded route.

    • Michal, Locus team
      28. 4. 2022

      Hi Paul, this is possible also in Locus. Either during the track recording (open recording panel, tap the blue "add point" button, select "add point (photo)"). Or you can attach photos to a saved track - open the track detail > tap ">" in the waypoints section > add new > add attachment > select photo.

  17. Thomas W
    24. 5. 2022

    Hi, actually not a viewranger user, but I read the article anyway :)

    Since you mentioned Ordnance Survey maps and routing in the same article, I wonder whether the two will work together. I don't mean whether I can overlay routes over Ordnance Survey maps, which would probably work. I mean that the route calculation actually uses Ordnance Survey data for calculating the route. The online route calculator probably just routes on static OSM data, but what about the offline route calculator included in Silver? Will it actually route using data from the shown map or also use some OSM database underneath?

    • Michal, Locus team
      25. 5. 2022

      Hi Thomas, all routers available in Locus Map generate routes from OSM data, also LoRouter Offline.

  18. Justas E
    28. 7. 2022

    Where can I subscribe to iphone users waiting list? I miss the VR

  19. Martin Strebinger
    31. 10. 2022

    HI LOCUS-Team

    Erst mal Gratulation - LOC4 ist einfach spitze !
    Es gibt wenige WanderNAVI-Apps, die ich noch nicht ausprobiert habe, da die Funktionen bei >97% nicht annähernd den Umfang haben wie LOC.
    Auch mit dem neuen Design und den Funktionen wieder ein Schritt um die BESTEN zu bleiben.
    Bis jetzt war ich mit der @apemap sehr zufrieden, da die etwa die Funktionen wie LOC hat.
    Bei allen vermisse ich allerdings eine Funktion, die bis jetzt nur die "GPSies" App hatte (wurde in "AllTrails" integriert), wo man die Touren als "CSV-Dateien" in eine Exel Tabelle abspeichern konnte.
    Wenn ihr auch das noch hinbringt, dann seid ihr SOWIESO DIE ALLERBESTEN VON DEN BESTEN !! (Darf dann auch im monatl. Abo gern der eine oder andere Cent mehr sein)

    • Michal, Locus team
      1. 11. 2022

      Hi Martin,
      thanks for your kind words. And watch out - Locus Map supports track export to CSV format, see

  20. Barbara
    15. 1. 2023

    Liebes Locus Team eine super App, nur bei Locus4 ist schaade, dass das Hinzufügen eines Sensors und der Download der Schattierung und Höhendaten nicht in der kostenloser Version verfügbar ist. Vorher bezahlte ich in der Proversion einmalig acht Franken, jetzt sind es alle Jahte zehn Franken. Daher bleibe ich bei der Version 3. Gruss Barbara

  21. Nicholson
    25. 4. 2023

    Well, I still am using VR, nah that's a lie, I still have it on my mobile and tablet, downloaded a pre shutdown package and got everything back🙂 so I could get all my tracks from all the years of VR...
    Now happily using Locus Map 👍 have imported all my tracks and waypoints so I don't need VR anymore. One question, can we get the whole of the UK on one 1:2500 scale? Instead of the bitty maps? Also, can we get the OS maps as vector maps instead of rasterized?
    Apart from that, I'm happy to be starting a new chapter with Locus Map 👍🙂



    • Michal, Locus team
      26. 4. 2023

      Hi Ian,
      we've accepted what Ordnance Survey offered to us for the most reasonable price. However, we've still been negotiating with them about a subscription-based model.

      • Ian Nicholson
        26. 4. 2023

        Thank you Michal. Look forward to seeing what you can negotiate with Ordnance Survey! Keep up the good work :-)

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