22. 12. 2022

Looking back at 2022

As we approach the end of the year, we thought it would be a good idea to pause and look…

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JohnThornMaps – why you might want to use them on your travels in UK

by John Thorn, UK First, some history... Twenty years ago, when you wanted a map for outdoor activity, the choice…

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WMS maps in Locus Map 3.44? Not just for experts !

Locus Map offers a lot of maps for your outdoor fun. Over 150 online maps that can be downloaded or…

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Browse maps and control track recording with HW buttons in new Wear for Locus

Navigating your outdoor activities from your wrist is now even better - we're introducing a new, enhanced Wear for Locus…

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Bikepacking with Locus on the road from Hannover to Marseille

by Christian Bischof Bikepacking means to me to travel with little baggage on almost all kinds of roads/trails and to…

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45 000 kilometers with Locus Map

Two months ago a new topic emerged on our helpdesk. It wasn't a bugreport nor an idea how to improve…

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Enjoy your bike rides with Locus Map as these guys do

Check our brand new video promoting bike riding adventures with Locus Map. Do you like it? Get inspired and go…

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