Get maps ready for your vacation in Croatia, Poland or Hungary

Michal, Locus team

Locus Map provides a solid map base in offline LoMaps, drawn from OSM data, but let’s face it – there are places that OSM mappers don’t visit much. There, quality hiking and cycling maps produced by local publishers or authorities can help us significantly. These belong to the basic things that everyone packs for a proper outdoor vacation.

We recently added brand new maps of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service HGSS to the Locus store, and updated a number of map packages of the Polish Compass and the Hungarian Cartographia.

To Croatia not only to the sea

We mostly go to Croatia to spend the vacation at the seaside, however, the whole country abounds in many natural beauties, which we can fully admire on hiking or biking trips. Local maps are provided by the Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS – Hrvatska gorska služba spašavanja). As part of its numerous activities, it publishes high-quality, detailed, up-to-date and clear maps.

Maps of all Croatian national parks, islands and mountains are now available in Locus. Maps are available in several scales, include marked hiking trails, bike paths, mountain huts and shelters, pubs, views and other natural and architectural attractions, camps, and other tourist amenities.

To Poland and Slovakia with Compass maps

Compass, a traditional leading manufacturer of tourist maps of Poland, Slovakia and eastern Ukraine, recently released updates to a number of its products. Maps of the Sącz, Silesian and Żywiec Beskids, Bieszczady, Bystrzycky and Orlické Mountains, the city map of Kraków with cycling routes in the vicinity, Sanok and its surroundings, Podhale, Tatras, Orava, Spiš, Zawoja, Babia Góra and the Kłodzko region have received new data.

Hungary is not just Balaton

This can be confirmed by many fans of the picturesque landscape of the Bukovské Mountains, the fertile Danube plains or the highest mountains Mátra. The established cartographic publishing house Cartographia has recently published a number of updates to its tourist maps. In the Locus store you will find new versions of maps Bakony, Buda mountains, Göcsej, Kemeneshát, Keszthely mountains, Őrség, Somló hill, Velencei mountains and Velencei lake, Vértes and Zselic.

All maps are now available in the Locus store. Enjoy your holiday!


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