Silver or Pro? Take a look at the differences.

Michal, Locus team

At first we thought, Locus Map 4 is so different from Locus Map Pro (series 3.x) that there is no need to deal with their differences too much. These are clear – the “4” has a much more convenient user interface, it can synchronize data with the cloud, communicate with a web-based route planner, it has its own offline router… Yes, but some of these benefits can only be found in the highest Premium Gold subscription.

But still, we have Premium Silver here. “It’s the same as the Pro version so what’s all that hassle about?” many say. So how can you decide what to do? Should you go for a prepaid Silver, or stay with the well-proven Pro?

The FAQ section of our website offers a brief answer. However, many probably overlook it or do not find enough detailed information in it, as we are still getting questions about version differences. That is why we bring you a more detailed summary here in the blog, which will be pointed out by notifications directly in the application:

Main screen and menu

Locus Map Pro

It is based on years of natural development of the application according to current trends, but mainly according to the wishes of users concentrated mainly in the community on the Locus forum. Admittedly, it’s not very intuitive or ergonomic, features and buttons have been added gradually, and with the growing amount of what Locus can do, the UI ​​has become increasingly confusing. Unfortunately, this discouraged new users in particular. Nevertheless, this version of the interface has its rock fans, which is why we keep it in Locus Map Pro.

Locus Map 4

We looked at the UI ​​more in terms of clarity and ergonomics:

  • all important controls have been moved to the bottom of the screen for easy thumb control. Only the information bar remained at the top (hidden by default)
  • we added an opportunity to flip everything sideways for left-handers
  • and also the dark mode saving the battery
  • in the first level of the main menu there are 8 basic functions and the number of buttons can be expanded almost twice
  • all functions of the application are then clearly sorted by categories and can be searched for in full text
  • we’ve retained the popular fully configurable sidebars
  • we have added a special floating menu for external Bluetooth controllers

Panel with route or point details

Locus Map Pro

In the original version, you can access the details of the route / point via an intermediate step – a popup box on the map. This popup contains basic information and has its own action menu, configurable in the application settings. The details then expand to a full screen with several tabs. For many, the solution is complicated, but “hardcore” users praise it.

Locus Map 4

The new solution is much more compact. In the case of a route, a panel with basic information, an elevation profile with a trackpoint position and a toolbar opens on the first click.

Each category of information has its own maximize button, which expands it to full screen:

Further sliding the panel up shows more information – types of paths and surfaces, waypoints, classification into folders…

The button at the bottom left opens a separate panel with information about the selected trackpoint:

Similarly, for the point details, we chose a compact solution with the sliding panel. In the case of geocaches, on the first click, in addition to basic information, the number of trackables and waypoints also appears, which you can maximize into further detail. And also a toolbar with buttons, three of which you can reset to suit your needs – put a login button, hint, etc.:

By further extending the panel, the app displays the attributes of the cache, the beginning of listing and other parameters. A menu with specific geocaching tools is also at hand.

Online LoMaps, LoPoints and LoRouter

Locus Map Pro

The application relies solely on third-party resources for online maps, points of interest, and routers, so it does not include the items mentioned in the title.

  • one of the publicly available OSM resources is displayed as the default map when the application is started for the first time
  • dynamic online points of interest are not on the maps
  • GraphHopper and YOURS are used as online routing services

Locus Map 4

We have equipped the new generation of the application with a complete package of our own free online content, which is also available in the basic non-prepaid version of Locus Map 4:

  • LoMap Online – a tuned optimized map of the world in a hike / bike theme with marked hiking and biking trails. The update from OSM data takes place once every two weeks. Of course, other online maps remain available.
  • LoPoints online – dynamic points of interest on the map with lots of information – opening hours of restaurants and shops, contact info…
  • LoRouter online – a powerful router for fast route generation when planning or navigating to a destination. It contains the same routing profiles as our new web-based route planner, from where you can export routes for use in Locus. However, you can also use the aforementioned third-party routers if you like them.

The integration of our own online content services has been quite a challenge for us, but in addition to the benefits they already bring, they give us a wide range of opportunities to further supplement and improve content in the future. And be sure – we have big plans. We believe you have something to look forward to!

Other differences in details

  • directly in the route planner in Locus Map 4, you can open the content panel and easily change the background map, displayed points of interest, active items, etc.
  • Locus Map 4 supports OneDrive for backup or direct import / export of routes and points
  • plus hundreds of other minor changes, such as search in settings

What else do we plan to do?

Although we continue to maintain and update Locus Map Pro to make it fully usable on new Androids, Locus Map 4 is the foundation of our larger future plans. With this in mind, all its parts have been developed – whether we mean UI, content services integration, or a more sustainable financial model. If you decide to activate one of our Premium tariffs in Locus Map 4 instead of purchasing the Pro version, not only will you receive more new features in the future, but you will also allow us to implement new features and integrations into other services faster.

So what can you look forward to in the near future?

  • support for WMTS resources – the long-awaited modification will allow you to use a lot of other high-quality map materials in Locus
  • new sensor manager – we have merged Bluetooth and ANT managers into one center, which will clearly manage connected accessories – sensors, external GPS antennas, etc. There will be support for other sensors such as power meters

We will now leave it up to you to decide whether to install Locus Map 4 Premium Silver or stay with the good old Locus Map Pro (Locus Classic in the future). We provide the care that belongs to both products. And if you’ve already purchased the PRO version and want to switch to Locus Map 4 sometime, you’ll get a discount that offsets the original purchase. So you don’t have to worry more about the first choice.


  1. Olaf Siemens
    15. 6. 2021

    Wann werden Smartwatches in 4 unterstützt?

    • Michal, Locus team
      15. 6. 2021

      Hi Olaf, they are supported. Install Locus Map Watch for Wear OS or Locus Map Watch Free for Samsung, depending on your watch.

  2. Andi
    16. 6. 2021

    wie aktiviere ich denn die Anzeige der "Way Types" bzw. der "Surface" unter dem Höhenprofil?

    • Michal, Locus team
      17. 6. 2021

      Hi, way types and surfaces appear only when you use LoRouter (online or offline) during the route planning.

  3. Jacek
    18. 6. 2021

    Hi. I'm silver user and I do not have surface and way types even if I plan my route in Locus app.

    Also can I change the colour of the "clicked" track on map from white to other colour?

    • Michal, Locus team
      21. 6. 2021

      Hi, surfaces and way types are available in Premium Gold subscription.

      • Jacek
        23. 6. 2021

        What about the second question?

        When I click on route its white with black arrows. Can I change these colours? Its not readable for me especially when I ride a bike.

        • Michal, Locus team
          28. 6. 2021

          You can change the route colors in many ways and levels:

  4. Dirk
    20. 6. 2021

    Hallo, super Entwicklung! Wann wird es möglich sein, seine Routen (auch gerne inkl. POIs und Fotos) in der Community zu teilen? Ähnlich wie komoot? So dass man Touren und Tipps (von anderen) in einer Region suchen kann?

    Lg Dirk

    • Michal, Locus team
      21. 6. 2021

      User points should be available within this summer, attached media will take a bit more time to implement. Community sharing is planned in the future.

      • Dirk
        26. 6. 2021

        Great to hear that! Thanks, i like it! :)
        Greets Dirk

  5. Patrik
    27. 6. 2021

    Dobrý deň, mapy shocart sú vo locuse 4 naďalej spoplatnené? Ďakujem

    • Michal, Locus team
      28. 6. 2021

      Dobrý den, ano. SHOCart mapy prodává prostřednictvím Locus obchodu společnost Freytag-Berndt.

  6. Jaroslav Růžička
    29. 6. 2021

    Dobrý den,
    v popisu Locus Map 4 uvádíte, cituji "Dokonce pro vás vymyslí okružní trasu nebo více tras do stejného cíle." Okružní trasy mi fungují, ale nemůžu nikde najít více tras do stejného cíle. Jak a kde to zapnu nebo nastavím?
    Mám předplatné Gold.
    Předem děkuji.

    • Michal, Locus team
      30. 6. 2021

      Dobrý den, tuto funkci Locus umí pouze ve spolupráci s routerem GraphHopper. Nastavte si jej v nastavení > navigace > router. Nemusíte nic extra přepínat, při plánování bude router rovnou nabízet dvě různé trasy

      • Jaroslav Růžička
        1. 7. 2021

        Aha, děkuji za informaci.

  7. Mark Pennington
    14. 7. 2021

    When I click on a trail, I want to see the distance of the point from start and finish. This used to appear immediately but now is fiddly to find. Annoying on a regular basis.

  8. Philippe AUBERT
    21. 7. 2021

    On the planner tool, why is it not possible to change the Map ?
    I need more precise topo map, for example for Switzerland and France

    • Michal, Locus team
      23. 7. 2021

      Hi Philippe, in version 4 it is possible to change map layers in the route planner.

  9. Jan Květenský
    27. 7. 2021

    Když kliknu ve FAQ na "Přehled rozdílů mezi Locus Map Pro a Free" vyskočí chyba 404.

    • Michal, Locus team
      27. 7. 2021

      Díky, opraveno

  10. Wolle
    22. 8. 2021

    Locus Pro funktioniert ohne Google-Dienste, Locus 4 nicht, zumindest nicht silver oder gold, man kann nicht bezahlen! Ist da noch was geplant? Ich würde gerne wechseln!

    • Michal, Locus team
      23. 8. 2021

      Hi, neither Locus Map Pro works without Google PLay services - as it is distributed only via Google Play, its license can't be verified otherwise. We are developing our own distribution platform but it is still a long way ahead...

  11. Wolle
    27. 8. 2021

    Locus Pro does work without Google Play services! I purchased via Amazon!

  12. Macarius
    19. 12. 2021

    I look forward to this. I am happy to pay for this amazing app. However I am unwilling to work with Google Play Services. They are an evil monoply and are grubby data thieves.

  13. Ralph
    12. 1. 2022

    Hallo, wird es irgendwann auch bei Locus 4 die Möglichkeit einer Einmalzahlung geben?

    • Michal, Locus team
      13. 1. 2022

      Hi Ralph, Locus Map 4 will always be free or with subscription.

  14. mirek
    28. 1. 2022

    I ride a bike 5 months a year, why do you want me to pay for the whole year?

    • Michal, Locus team
      1. 2. 2022

      Hi, we don't want you to pay anything. You can use the app for free :) Or, if you want more, you can subscribe monthly and unsubscribe after 5 months.

  15. Avram Sorin
    6. 3. 2022

    Unfortunately, the only way to pay for premiums is through google pay :(
    An attractive app but unfortunately without other payment options

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