23. 9. 2022

Silver or Classic? Take a look at the differences.

Locus Map 4 is so different from Locus Map 3 Classic that there is no need to deal with their…

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Welcome the spring with new Locus Map 3.22

Despite many ski resorts are still operating to their full capacity and in many mountains it is snowing, the spring…

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Locus Map Pro Webinare erfolgreich angelaufen

Sorry, the article is available only in German.

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Locus Map Pro for 50%. Merry Christmas!

City streets, stores and shopping malls glittering with Christmas decorations, speakers pouring streams of carols at sweating crowds hauling bunches…

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Across Moroccan dessert with a great help from Locus

by Pablo Riveiro De Arriba Before traveling to Morocco for the first time, three years ago, I was looking for…

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Locus live tracking with GPSies

Another feature we are going to present in this blog is Live tracking. For those who don't have clue -…

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