Locus Map Pro for 50%. Merry Christmas!

Michal, Locus team

City streets, stores and shopping malls glittering with Christmas decorations, speakers pouring streams of carols at sweating crowds hauling bunches of overloaded bags… You know that, it’s here again. The year has passed by and Santa, Weihnachtsmann, Ded Moroz and all these guys around the World knock on your chimney again. And what are they putting in their sacks besides the new GoPros, hoverboards, octacore phablets or self shooting drones?

Locus Map Pro for unprecedented 50% discount!

As the last year, we’ve decided to fulfill Christmas wishes of many Locus Map Free users. And not only them.

You’ve got time – the sale will continue all through the rest of December beginning today and ending on 31st of December 2016. Don’t worry, we are going to release a new Locus Map version before the real Santa comes. At least you’ve got something more to look forward to.

We all in Locus team wish you a Merry Christmas and a lot of fun with Locus Map!


  1. mey
    16. 12. 2016

    Amazon Germany still shows the full price

    • Locus team
      16. 12. 2016

      not anymore... Amazon price has already been cut as well.

  2. Adri
    18. 12. 2016

    I see the full price on Google Play. I would like to purchase the half price application.

    • Locus team
      19. 12. 2016

      Hi, what country are you from?

      • Adri
        26. 12. 2016


        • Locus team
          2. 1. 2017

          Locus Map Pro was discounted in Hungary as well.

  3. Omar Rodriguez
    24. 12. 2016

    I need 50 licenses of your Locus Map Pro versión, But it`s posible to customize the GUI to show our
    Company name??

    Also, it`s posible to hide several functios that we don`t use currently.

    We need to display vector maps and Geotiff maps as a Background (And use a search tool to display it based on a feature ) ??

    How Much does it cost this versión for us ??

    • Locus team
      2. 1. 2017

      Hi, please contact the sales dept. at

  4. jlcr
    26. 12. 2016

    En français ? Quel prix à 50 % svp

    • Locus team
      2. 1. 2017

      Locus Map Pro was discounted in France as well.

  5. max
    28. 12. 2016

    Please tell what should be half price of the application in PLN (Polish Zloty)? I'm not sure if the price I see on Google Play Store is half or full.

    • Locus team
      2. 1. 2017

      What you saw was the half price. Full price in PL is 31,99 ZL + tax.

  6. Gorg
    27. 2. 2017

    Как сделать чтобы на экране отображалась текущая скорость?

    • Locus team
      28. 2. 2017

      Hi, there are more options - either record your track or display a dashboard or navigation.

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