New Locus Map 4.14 works with bike radar

Michal, Locus team

Winter has not been very good for snow sports so far, so all those who like to work out in the fresh air are looking for substitutes. One of them is cycling, especially road cycling, as the fields and forests are now knee-deep in mud. However, getting out on a bike in winter is quite a challenge, not only because of the right choice of clothing but also for safety. January weather fluctuations usually bring poor visibility, fog, and showers. It also gets dark early, so the cyclist has to think first and foremost about being seen. Locus Map is now making a major contribution to this.

Warnings directly on the map display

When riding on a road with car traffic, it is essential that the rider is clear about what is happening behind him. Many road cyclists, hobbyists, and cyclists use the increasingly common bike radar, which is mounted on the seat tube. The most famous of these, the Garmin Varia, can now be linked to Locus and display its outputs and warnings directly on the map screen:

The latest RVR 315, RTL 515, and RCT 715 models are supported and communicate with Locus via Bluetooth. Just connect them using the sensor manager and set the notification method:

If a car approaches you from behind within 140 m, a colored stripe with a vehicle count indicator will light up on the display and an alarm will sound – orange – low threat, red – high threat. Everything works even when the display is switched off – it automatically switches on in the event of a threat. Other Locus functions such as navigation or route recording run as standard, of course.

In addition to the dashboard function, which turns your smartphone into a fancy bike computer, Locus Map also brings another gadget for cycling enthusiasts.

What will the weather be like?

The global weather forecast has been in Locus for years, but the feature has been due to a revamp, and a change of data provider. In fact, the original DarkSky is heading exclusively under Apple’s wing and will no longer be available as a standalone service.

After a lot of testing, we finally implemented the open service OpenWeatherMap, which perfectly matches the accuracy and complexity of the original provider. It offers 16 days of long-term forecasts and 6 days of short- and medium-term forecasts in three-hour intervals. It offers both a pictorial forecast and precise data – real and sensed temperature, wind strength and direction, pressure, visibility, relative humidity, and the amount and nature of precipitation. Of course, it also displays the progress of the weather during the day on a graph:

You can view the forecast for any location on Earth, Locus gives you all the options to select the location – place on the map, coordinates, cursor position, etc.:

You can also now view the forecast for LoPoints as well as for caches or your other user points of interest:

Other minor improvements

Of course, the new version also brings a bundle of other minor improvements, such as a more rounded panel design, or the ability to move the sidebar to the center:

So get on your bike and remember to ride safely!

Featured photo by Garmin


  1. Andrew Heard
    25. 1. 2023

    is it just me, or are most of the images missing from this post?

    • Jan, Locus team
      25. 1. 2023

      Hi, yes, we are unfortunately currently facing issues with our web because of traffic overload. We hope to solve it soon!

      • Jan, Locus team
        25. 1. 2023

        It should be ok for now, sorry for the troubles. So many of you are eager to find out about our new update!

  2. Florian
    25. 1. 2023

    If it helps: I can see all images... 🤔

  3. Zenon
    25. 1. 2023

    I had to regresu the page on my phone, than images were loaded

    • Tomas
      25. 1. 2023

      Dobrý den,

      nedávno jsem si pokusne nainstaloval LOCUS 4 a rad uznavam, ze je to vyborna mapova navigace a pomucka, napr. na turistiku, cykloturistiku, bezky atd..,tak jako předešlá verze Locus PRO. Jen jsem byl zklaman, ze ani tato verze neumi přenést zobrazeni sveho mapoveho prostředí do hodinek Garmin Fenix 6,stejne jako zmíněná predchozi verze PRO, kterou doposud pouzivam. Vim, ze je to udajne problem Garminu, ale myslite, ze se toto povede nekdy vyresit? (tak jak nyni inzerujete prenos do cyklocomputeru Garmin). Byl by to asi pro me duvod k prestupu na Locus 4.
      Dekuji a přeji pěkný den

      • Michal, Locus team
        25. 1. 2023

        Dobrý den,
        - mapa v hodinkách - ano, je to stále problém Garminu a stále to je bohužel nedořešeno. Více vám řekne, autor add-onu Locus Map for Garmin.
        - ..."jak nyni inzerujete prenos do cyklocomputeru Garmin" - Garmin Varia není cyklocomputer, ale zadní cyklosvítilna s radarem

  4. Johannes
    25. 1. 2023

    Unfortunately the Radar still doesn't work properly, See this thread:

    But it IS an awesome feature!!! 🙏🏻 🦄

  5. Tadeáš
    25. 1. 2023

    Radar integration is an amazing feature!!

  6. Freischneider
    27. 1. 2023

    It's in process right now. A hidden error. An update is coming soon

  7. Will
    28. 1. 2023

    New features are nice but I've always felt that it is more important for the underlying basic features to work properly first. I did upgrade to gold and was so disappointed that I cancelled it. I also hate the locus points to buy maps feature. I already have points, they are called euros, why do I need to buy other points?

    • Michal, Locus team
      30. 1. 2023

      Hi, if you have any problems with the app, please contact our helpdesk at and give us details. We'll always do our best to help. As for the "locus points" you probably meant LoCoins, right? We use them because some payments in Locus Store are so tiny that in EUR or USD they would be out of payment terms of Google Play Store and each item would require individual in-app billing entry maintenance which would be very time-consuming and bureaucracy-frustrating. Just like in games where you use some kind of "credits" or "tokens" for microtransactions.

  8. Gerhard Schweizer
    1. 2. 2023

    zu OpenWeatherMap möchte ich ergänzen:
    der Kartenmittelpunkt kann über Locus Favoriten auf die '' Wetterkarte übertragen werden.{mapLat}&lon={mapLon}&zoom=6

    • Michal, Locus team
      1. 2. 2023

      Hi Gerhard, you can add the map as a bookmark manually, see

  9. christian
    2. 2. 2023


  10. Wolfgang A Decker
    26. 3. 2023


  11. Bartosz
    4. 8. 2023

    Hi, could you add support with igpsport rs30 radar please?

    • Michal, Locus team
      7. 8. 2023

      Hi, if there is any available documentation or specification for the device, there is no problem to add it.

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