Thanks to you, we have completed the first successful year of the Locus Map 4 project

Michal, Locus team

Sometime around this time, in 2021, we slowly began to release the first version of the new generation of your favorite outdoor navigation – Locus Map 4. After a year, we would like to offer you a small summary of what we have accomplished during that time. A lot has been done, mainly thanks to you and your support, both moral and financial.

Brand new app

Let’s start with what is most visible:

New user interface

  • We clarified it, simplified it and adjusted it for one-handed operation. And both for right-handers and left-handers
  • We added options for custom configuration of elements on the display – zoom buttons, map rotation and centering buttons, track recording, function panels – all of them can be combined for several variants of their visibility on the desktop
  • The new content panel allows you to easily control everything you see on the map screen – maps and map themes, LoPoints, shading, photos…
  • Routes and points got new slide-out panels with information and controls – all in one place, within easy reach of your thumb
  • The new bottom-up main menu contains all the basic functions. Of course, it is fully configurable
  • Last but not least, Locus can be switched to energy-saving dark mode, even automatically depending on the time of day

We’ve also added our own content and got rid of dependencies on external applications:

Our own maps, points of interest and router

  • LoMaps – our tourist maps of the world are now available in a free online version for all users, not only in the application, but also on our new web route planner
  • LoPoints – these dynamic points on the map, describing civic amenities or natural attractions are now available online and offline. In the online version, we managed to enrich LoPoints with information and photos from Wikipedia, and we improved their search on the web.
  • LoRouter – our own route calculation machine for planning and navigating to a destination. It is available online in the application and on the web, as well as in the offline version for the most demanding outdoor fans.

Synchronize the application with the cloud, the web planner and across multiple devices

Locus Map has always been a purely mobile application with no server background. There was a radical change a year ago – you can now sync routes and points automatically:

  • From mobile to cloud and back – you no longer have to worry about data if your mobile is lost or damaged
  • From the cloud to the web library and route planner – what you plan on the web is right on your mobile and vice versa
  • Among several devices – do you have a mobile phone and a tablet with Locus? You record the route on your mobile phone, save it and you have it on your tablet right after. The number of devices connected in this way is not limited.

Over the year you’ve synchronized over 1 million tracks and routes.

Brand new web planner and route library

We used to think that planning a route right on your mobile phone was enough. And we did our best for that and developed the route planner in Locus to the best of its kind on the market. But the big PC screen just makes sense for planning trips and entire vacations. And so we developed a web-based planner with an associated library of users’ tracks and points.

  • You plan the route on the web then you go on a trip with Locus on your mobile phone
  • You can record the expedition in the mountains with the help of Locus, at home on the couch you can see the route on the big screen of your laptop

We are constantly working on the web planner and library. A lot of improvements await you this year.

It wouldn’t be possible without you

Web services, synchronization, cloud, servers, storage, user support, continuous development – it all costs a lot of money. But thanks to you, we manage to get it all running. We are sure that the new subscription financing system really works to your and our satisfaction.

If you continue to support us in this way, we plan a lot of other great things:

What awaits you

  • further development of the application – improved search, new dashboard, satellite maps of the whole world (finally!!)
  • web planner and library – import of routes, other maps from other providers, more detailed graphs
  • more app purchase options – we’ll introduce also one-time period purchases with no auto-renewal

Thank you once again for supporting us!


  1. Günter Schilkowsky
    7. 3. 2022

    Ich habe gerade leider Locus Gold gekündigt. Vor ein paar Monaten wollte die App keine Höhendaten runterladen und forderte mich auf, Silber oder Gold zu kaufen. Das Problem hatte sich dann irgendwann erledigt. Seit ein paar Wochen funktioniert das Routing nicht mehr. Vor ca. 4 Wochen: ich war mit dem Fahrrad immer ca. 700m weiter als der Corser in derApp und die Anweisungen. Zuletzt vor 1Woche war noch gleiches Verhalten der App zu sehen. Diesmal in einer freunden Umgebung konnte ich mit der App gar nicht fahren.
    Ich habe noch die alte Proversion, die hat jedes Mal gut funktioniert.
    Vielleicht probiere ich es ja irgendwann nochmal. Wenn Ihr die App dann verlässlicher bekommen habt würde ich mich freuen.
    Günter Schilkowsky

    • Michal, Locus team
      8. 3. 2022

      Hi Günter,
      all the issues probably originate from the wrong app setup. All these are basic features that are the same in Locus Map 4 and Locus Map Pro. If you have any problem, tell us about it, we'll do everything to help. More at

  2. Ernest Majewski
    7. 3. 2022

    Hopefully you will convince Huawei not to blacklist your app for killing in the battery save mode by Power Genie. Come on, guys, something has to be done finally. Put more pressure on Huawei to let Locus work in power save mode.

    • Michal, Locus team
      8. 3. 2022

      Hi Ernest,
      do you really think that we have any influence on Huawei's decisions? No, we really don't.

  3. Arturs
    11. 3. 2022

    I just moved to iphone and realized that its not possible to use Locus Map. One of the best apps for offroad navigation and it is quite sad that i might not be able to use it again. Is there any plans to bring app on iOS?

    • Michal, Locus team
      11. 3. 2022

      Yes, there are plans... but just plans, so far. A long way to go before any of our apps hits the Appstore.

  4. Jörg Schneider
    11. 3. 2022

    Hallo, ich arbeite und navigiere seit vielen Jahren mit Locus Map Pro. Kann ich mit dem damaligen Erwerb von Locus Map pro auch die neue Version Locus Map 4,4 in vollem Umfang nutzen? Wenn ja, was muß ich dafür tun.

    • Michal, Locus team
      11. 3. 2022

      Hi Jörg,
      Locus Map Pro and Locus Map 4 are two independent projects, two independent apps. Locus Map 4 originates in the former Locus Map Free - it is available in a basic free version and two Premium versions - Silver and Gold. At the moment the Premium can be subscribed monthly and annually. As a Locus Map Pro owner you can get one year of Silver for 100% free and one year of Gold for 50% discount. More at

      • Jörg Schneider
        11. 3. 2022

        Danke für die schnelle Antwort Antwort.

  5. Alan Gornik
    11. 3. 2022

    Love all the hard work you do , plus excellent customer communications.

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