Strava Global Heatmap in Locus? Why not?

Michal, Locus team

We have mentioned once that it’s possible to display Strava Global Heatmap in Locus. Anyway, we haven’t mentioned how to do it. You see, this option isn’t included right in the main menu – you have to dig a bit deeper in its advanced features. Displaying of the heatmap involves option to add a custom online map and map overlay function.

What the heck is heatmap?

Strava Global Heatmap is created by all tracks recorded by all users of Strava application and uploaded to its internet database – via mobile app, smart watches or imported from various sporttesters. The more is the track used, i.e. run or ridden, the thicker or more colorful is the line on the map – that’s where it really boils. Of course there are more heatmaps differentiated by the sports activity – cycling or running. The heatmap is a valuable source of information and inspiration for your next trips or, on the other hand, warns before too crowded areas.

How to get this custom online map?

Detailed instruction how to prepare such map can be found in the advanced section of Locus manual. It’s not much fun and few common Locus users would go into it – therefore we’re going to offer you a ready-made map straight away and advise how to activate it:

  • first of all, download this file >> (EDIT: and edit it according to these instructions >>)
  • unpack it to Locus/mapsOnline/custom folder in your mobile or tablet with Locus
  • a new folder named Strava containing two maps – Global Heatmap Biking and Global Heatmap Running – appears in your Map manager Online tab
Strava heatmap bez podkladové mapy
Strava heatmap without background map

That’s it, Strava heatmap is activated. As it contains just the track lines, it’s necessary to display it over another “normal” map. That can be accomplished by the Map overlay function:

How to lay one map over another?

  • select any background map in your Map manager – online or offline
  • select Map overlay in main Menu > More functions
  • tap SELECT and choose one of the Strava heatmaps from the Map manager Online tab
  • set maximum opacity by the slider
  • set blend mode according to your background map – select e.g. ADD in case you use satellite map that is usually a bit darker

    settings on the map overlay
    settings of the map overlay

And that’s all, Strava Global Heatmap displays in Locus. Enjoy!

satelitní mapa Solnohradska s heatmapou Strava Biking
satellite map of Salzkammergut with Strava Biking Heatmap


  1. Jeremy
    13. 11. 2015

    Wow, this app continues to impress... love it! Keep it up!!

    • Locus team
      13. 11. 2015

      Thanks Jeremy, we'll do!

  2. Bálint Szebenyi
    13. 11. 2015

    This is truly amazing!

  3. BLaci
    14. 11. 2015

    Which online map did you use as base map?

    • Locus team
      16. 11. 2015


  4. Nuno
    17. 11. 2015

    When we are going to have locusmap in the iPhone?

    • Locus team
      18. 11. 2015

      Hi Nuno,
      We're afraid it's not a question of the near future. Locus is an extensive project and we're a very small team.

      • Nuno
        19. 11. 2015

        if Locus Map are available in the IOS, im sure it will be one of best success GPS App's of the all time

  5. Eastpak1984
    12. 1. 2016

    Hm, seems to be offline. The file tells me "server error"

    • Locus team
      12. 1. 2016

      the syntax has changed so we had to change the script as well. Try it again, it should work now

  6. Morgan
    27. 2. 2022

    this no longer works with v4.

    • Michal, Locus team
      28. 2. 2022

      It works but it is much more difficult now to implement it as Strava requires authentication and only Premium users can get it running. See

  7. mezgerg
    7. 7. 2023

    Any updates on how to make this happen? I followed the guide (including the cookies part) but it displays in a glitchy way, not usable at all.

    • mezgerg
      7. 7. 2023

      Never mind, figured out.

      to the xml fixed it.

      The XML should be updated in this article for newcomers.

  8. WoWo
    9. 1. 2024


    Is it possible to change the line width?

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