Map doesn’t contain info you need? Public POI databases may help.

Michal, Locus team

Modern vector maps like our LoMaps or partnering OpenAndroMaps contain lots of meta information about various POIs (points of interest). A POI is a dataset containing GPS coordinates that represents interesting and important locations in navigation applications. The most popular POI categories are for example speedcams, accommodation locations, restaurants, petrol stations, parking lots, wifi hotspots, attractions, etc. You can find out not only position of e.g. restaurants or hotels but also their contact info like telephone or website address, opening hours and other details.

All this information comes from OpenStreetMap POI database which is, however, not complete at many places and areas and still in development. Where can we get the information we need then? In other databases of POIs – there are hundreds of them, some are grouped or listed on various POI servers. Today we’ll have a look at one of them –  Czech

I’m a “beer geek” traveling in Czechia and I ‘d like to know where there are local mini breweries

  • find the right database at (in Czech language only but databases are very well structured and up-to-date)
  • check the database on map
  • select Locus-supported format (KML/KMZ, GPX, OV2, UPI) and download POIs. Download is protected by “captcha” and therefore not active for direct launch of Locus import. Obviously it’s advisable to open the link in your mobile so that you don’t have to transfer the file from the PC – Locus imports the file from your mobile memory or from Dropbox and Google Drive.pois11

If you have any other tips for interesting sources of POIs, please let us know in the comments!


  1. druki
    19. 5. 2018

    Stromtankstellen in Europa:

  2. druki
    19. 5. 2018


    • Chota
      22. 5. 2018

      Wow you have to download POIS for camp grounds? Does the map hasn´t any POI itself? Mean like google maps, I can search everything I can imagine. Do I need for all of them an extra POI?

      • Locus team
        22. 5. 2018

        You don't have to download anything if your area is well mapped and all POIs you need contain info you need. Other POI servers are just another option how to get even more information than there is in maps. In this article we just showed that it is possible and how to do it.

  3. anonymus
    19. 5. 2018

    Thanks for the interesting tips.
    However, you forgot to say how to import points if we download them or create them on the computer.

    • Locus team
      21. 5. 2018

      Hi, we thought this info is so basic that it would insult our users :) Just copy the points to your mobile via USB cable or Dropbox/Google Drive and import. MOre info about import in Locus manual:

  4. Hermann Pohlmann
    3. 7. 2018

    Habe mit Locus. herum gespielt und bekomme alle Funktionen nicht mehr in deutsch sondern in tschechisch angeführt. Wie kann ich das rückgängig machen?
    Bin ansonsten mit Locus super zufrieden.

    • Locus team
      4. 7. 2018

      Hi, go to Locus Nastavení > Jazyky a jednotky > Jazyk aplikace > Výchozí systémový. Restart Locus (remove it from RAM memory of your phone).

  5. meee
    31. 7. 2018

    What's a good source for hikers?
    Meaning water sources, bridges, supermarkets etc.
    Precisely in Georgia in my case...

  6. meee
    31. 7. 2018

    Anyone got a hint for a database with POIs for hikers?
    Water sources, food options, Bridges etc.

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