Improved route search, sorting by elevation gain and much more in the newest Locus

Michal, Locus team

You are keen sportsmen and sportswomen, you record your every activity – mountain hikes, bike rides, running workouts, you name it. You are also keen collectors of insteresting tips for trips – you know the best way how to explore new places is go along routes planned and ridden by locals. So you import loads of routes from GPSies, Bikemap or Alltrails. And besides, you’re also a keen route planner – you like to plan trips for your vacations. You often ride or hike the planned routes but a lot of them stays just planned in your mobile. Just for keeps, you hope you’ll get back to them sometimes. You save all these tracks and routes to various folders, yes, but… how to find the right one after some time?

Search for it! Where?

Besides the general Search in the topbar:

new Locus Map 3.36 can start searching directly from the Tracks manager:

or, even more directly, from (in) a particular track/route folder:

Show me the nearest route from here!

By default, Locus searches your tracks and routes by their distance from your current location. You don’t have to fill anything in the search field, just tap the magnifier button:

During the search Locus Map analyses whole tracks and routes, not just their starting points so you can begin your trip in the middle of the nearest route passing by. If you need to specify the search by route title, put it in the search field:

Locus can also search whole track descriptions, just check the box:

To change location of the searching center, tap the “My location” to edit its coordinates:

or select search center from other places provided by the location selector:

Search the route in my ‘bike’ folder

Another news of this issue is option to filter search by particular folders. You can either specify folder in the “Track manager search”:

or go to a particular folder and start searching from there as can be seen above.

You can search points the same way – from points manager or folders:

Fancy a bit more climb?

Elevation gain is one of the most important criteria, especially among road cyclist and mountain bikers. Newly you can sort your routes or tracks by elevation gain and select one you are feeling strong enough to ride today:

Some more improvements

As usual, the new version is full of minor improvements and fixes. Among others: more options in Presets and Quick settings, updated list of Garmin icons, support of icons coloring in POI alert and Parking etc. etc.

Install and enjoy!

Photo by James Chou on Unsplash


  1. Eddie Teo
    31. 1. 2019

    While sorting tracks by elevation gain is certainly a welcoming addition for cyclists and mountain hikers, the ability to view remaining elevation gain/loss while following a track would be even more helpful.

  2. Eric Carlson
    31. 1. 2019

    I plan to use this application to plan, record, and reference off- and on-road (dual-sport) motorcycle trips. I wish that a vehicle other than moutainbike or auto was selectable for planning purposes.

    • Locus team
      31. 1. 2019

      Hi, use BRouter as navigation data source and select motorcycle in its advanced settings > active profiles.

  3. Kyle Peterson
    31. 1. 2019

    this has been needed for so long ! thank you for implementing one of the most appreciated options, ever !

  4. Zdenek
    18. 2. 2019

    Děkujeme, je to super!

  5. Martin K
    18. 2. 2019

    What happens when there is no cell phone reception? Does this work off a GPS signal? Thought you always needed cell phone reception. In remote areas and between hills/mountains there is no reception.

    • Locus team
      19. 2. 2019

      Hi Martin,
      GPS signal is absolutely independent on cell phone signal. Smartphones use cell signal only for optimizing GPS data (if you allow it).

  6. Chiheb
    15. 3. 2019


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