News in version 2.10.0


News in version 2.10.0

I would like to introduce a new pack of interesting features. Because there’s quite a lot of them, this will be just a short list of the most important

Sorting of mapsscreenshot_map_manager_online

You know well long list of online maps or your own personal. Now you can allow Locus to sort online, personal or vector maps. Mainly for online maps is available possibility to sort them by country of coverage or by type of usage, which should be really useful

Improved editing screens

Screen for editing points and tracks was a long-term problem in Locus. They were really long and contain a lot of variables that were rarely needed. We now introduce a new version of these pages, that hide less important parameters to additional tabs, so usually, you can see only the important one.

Improved main menu

To have much faster access to used functions, we extended main menu for one additional row with two buttons. After start of Locus, these buttons are set by choose module, so you have very fast access to the most used functions. And one tip: long-click on any button allows to change it. Enjoy this “small bonus” 😉

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Styles for tracks screenshot_track_styles

Locus now offer simple and advanced mode for settings track style on a map. Simple mean just settings a width and color. But in advanced mode, you may do quite a miracles. And a bonus is ability to define global style on track folders. This causes, that all tracks in this folder will have the same style on a map. You can simply create different folders for different activities where all tracks will have inherited styles.

Improved suggestions of maps in “Quick map switch”

and not only there, but now also in filtered lists in the map manager. You probably noticed reinitialization of maps after start. Locus rescan all available maps to check area of cover. Now offers for the nearest maps will be much precise then before.

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Improved Weather screenscreenshot_weather_screen

because we like a modern stylish Android style, we decided to update our favorite Weather service. It’s cleaner, faster and quite fresh now

More …

After almost month of work, there is a quite a lot of smaller changes. Enjoy all of them and also coming spring …


  1. Horak Tibor
    25. 3. 2013


    I would like a screenshot of what the bike computer data is shared with the map. It would be nicer to share!

    Locus No1!

    hey Horak

  2. Voldy
    26. 3. 2013

    Hello Tibor,
    Do you prefer an information which are stored during track record (Locus can store arbitrary information during your trip) or do you want to see screenshot with cycle maps?

    Cheers Petr

  3. Paul
    4. 4. 2013

    .BSB/.KAP file support please!

    That would make the app more than perfect.


  4. wang
    7. 4. 2013

    very well
    good app
    i like it
    but i study english hard
    i can know a little

  5. Tucker
    20. 4. 2013

    With latest version, still cannot load personal maps during a start...
    My phone is HTC desire HD.

    • Voldy
      22. 4. 2013


      Thank you for report and sorry for troubles.
      So when Locus starts it hangs and cannot start because it try to initialize personal maps?
      Could you please provide more information for us:
      -Version of Locus
      -The type of personal map: (SQLite, MBT, …)
      -The approximate size of problematic map (file).

      Thank you for cooperation
      Best regards

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