New Locus Map 3.25 brings a nice bundle of improvements

Michal, Locus team

Despite the summer vacations are only a bit behind its middle, we have been extensively developing and testing. Huge work has been done on the new Route planner and Track editor – both in brand new screens, new UI, with new functionality. However, we are still not absolutely┬ásatisfied with them and we must also include results of their public testing in their final appearance so a bit more work must be done on them. So, you have to look forward to them a little longer :). Nevertheless, we decided to publish a new Locus version as we managed to finish many other things:

Map language switch – read the map as locals

Our World is pretty colorful, you know that. And not only in colors but also in languages and alphabets. Latin alphabet is generally known but in many countries a Westerner has problem with reading local names. Fortunately, the OpenStreetMap project enables displaying multi-language names of cities and villages in many countries. For example, Laos. A beautiful country with booming tourism, luring more and more adventurers. Laos alphabet, however, might be quite tricky for many of them. Our LoMaps, rendered from OSM data, can help – you can switch the language of the map in something more understandable.

Map with original names:

Laos map - original

The language switch can be found in the map detail screen:

map language switch

map language switch

The same map after switching it to English:

Laos map in English

Online GraphHopper – fast and data-efficient

We’ve added a new online routing service to our portfolio – online GraphHopper. Some of you have probably used its offline version in Locus via a┬áGraphHopper add-on which is, to be honest, still in a sort of alpha version. This online version, however, works amazingly fast and consumes only a tiny portion of your mobile data (FUP) – in a range of just tens of kilobytes. Here in Europe where the extra charges for data roaming have been abolished it’s pretty nice.

To turn this router on, go to Locus settings > Navigation > Navigation data source and tap GraphHopper:

GraphHopper online

When you want to start navigation, just choose your target and then means of your transport (a.k.a. navigation profile). GraphHopper offers “car“, three kinds of bike – “cycle“, “MTB” and “racing” and two types of walk – “walk” and “hike“:

GraphHopper online

Function panels settings in presets

Many of you wished to have the option to set different layouts of function panels for various activities with one or two clicks:

function panels

function panels

function panels

Since launching Locus Presets we’ve been close to it. Now, finally, we found a way how to implement function panels settings in Presets. If you need to re-set function panels position by one click, you have to switch this option on first:

1. open Presets and check the “advanced mode” in the topbar:

Presets advanced mode on

2. Select the Preset you want to adjust and tap “Edit“:

Preset edit

3. Go to the Preset settings mode:

Preset settings mode

4. Check the “Set functions panels” option:

Preset with function panels settings

The option to set functions panels appears in the Preset. You can set the panels as you are used to.

Preset with function panels settings

Pick the right color!

line color settings

Locus line color manager has been also significantly improved. Firstly, we reworked the basic color selection so that it contains colors easily distinguishable on map:

basic color palette

You don’t have to confirm your color selection as before. Just tap the color and your new line color is set.

The advanced color picker stays as it was because it’s just perfect :):

advanced color selection

For super-geeks we’ve added an option to define colors by codes – in HEX, RGB and HSV modes:

code definition of colors

Nice, isn’t it? And, of course, it’s not all but we don’t want you to spent your vacation reading the whole list of changes, improvements and fixes the new version offers. And if by any chance you are interested, you can find it on the traditional place – in Locus menu > About application > Release notes.


  1. Benjamin Bajrektarevi─ç
    10. 8. 2017

    Is there a possibility that we will soon get the Croatian language in the language menu

    • Locus team
      10. 8. 2017

      Hi, the language menu reflects the language portfolio of the original OSM dataset - Croatia, of course, is available in Croatian - switch to "local".

  2. Nikola
    10. 8. 2017

    When we can expect update on Amazon store. Tnx

    • Locus team
      14. 8. 2017

      Hi, new version was uploaded at Amazon on 10th August

  3. Toni Betzmeir
    23. 8. 2017

    Ein super App zum Radfahren und Mountainbiken. Besser und umfangreicher als mein Garmin Oregon 650

  4. Peter Lechner
    10. 9. 2017

    Toll, Sie machen die ohnehin beste Navi-App immer besser!

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