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You know, we want Locus Map to be still better and better. And you, our users, are one of the reasons why Locus is still better and better. You are giving us your tips, your ideas, you are asking us and, therefore, making us think all the time what could be improved, added, adjusted. Recently, we realized our website lacked an appropriate communication interface. We decided to change it and a brand new contacting website is finally here:

The signpost on this page helps you decide and better aim your questions on us:

This way you get to Locus Map User Guide. It contains a complete knowledge base regarding controlling of the app, its functions, features, settings, tips or tricks, frequently asked questions, advanced advisory, customization instructions etc.

When you don’t find your answer in the User Guide, come here – it’s a direct link to Locus Map Helpdesk. Our team will do their best to solve your issues, answer questions and tackle problems 24/7.

Are you a representative of a business and are you interested in cooperation with us? Please enter here.

Do you work for media and are you interested in writing about Locus? Here we offer a set of articles and graphics you are free to use without need to ask us.

If you didn’t find your topic of question among the signs above, please feel free to ask here via a simple form. We’ll get back to you ASAP.

We’re looking forward to the feedback from you!


  1. jožo pilko
    6. 11. 2017

    Ahojte. Že ste výborní viete, že na mape LM Slovakia (mám LocusPro) chýba žltá TZT Paseky - Voniaca (Tisovec) asi neviete.
    Koniec odozvy.
    So želaním veľa úspechov jozo pilko.

    • Locus team
      6. 11. 2017

      Dobrý den, nevieme... my bohužel mapy nekreslíme, generují se z OSM dat, které zakreslují mapaři v tomto projektu zapojení. My jim pouze "dáváme kabát", aby byly přehledné a čitelné a umožňujeme jejich zobrazování v naší aplikaci. Pokud někde najdete v mapě chybu, můžete ji přímo do mapy vyznačit pomocí OSM poznámky (viz nebo se přímo stát mapařem OpenStreetMaps projektu a trasu zakreslít do mapy přímo. Více info na

  2. danix
    6. 11. 2017

    Neviem či je moc rozumné dávať odkazy k dokumentácii a napovede do kontaktov. Tam to bude hladať malokto. Radšej by som dal odkaz ako pri každom bežnom projekte do hlavného menu - help/documentation pripadne support. A pre zlepšenie prehľadnosti by som spojil menu application a download. Proste sa inšpirovať konkurenciou, nech sú webstránky viac prehľadné. Program robíte výborný, trochu viac ale treba popracovať aj na prezentácii.

    • Locus team
      6. 11. 2017

      Dobrý den,
      děkujeme za názor. Máme zkušenost, že z 99% případů nás uživatelé chtějí kontaktovat kvůli supportu - chtějí vědět, co a jak funguje, popř mají nějaký problém. Většinu odpovědí na první dotaz lze nalézt v dokumentaci, kterou jsme zřídili právě z důvodu snížení zátěže support týmu. Problémy řešíme na helpdesku. Takto se nám lidé budou "třídit" hned na vstupu. Proto se stránka nenazývá "Kontakty", ale "kontaktujte nás", tzn. oslovte nás, zeptejte se nás apod.

      • danix
        6. 11. 2017

        Išlo mi hlavne o dokumentáciu, je výborne spracovaná, ale nikde nie je priamy odkaz na hlavnej stránke. Čo je pri každom bežnom softvéry/webe, info a aplikácii a dokumentácia je vždy v hlavnom menu. Riešenie problémov v "Kontaktujte nás" je ok.

  3. zhang
    6. 11. 2017

    could you add 3D map model? like google earth or orux?

    • Locus team
      7. 11. 2017

      Hi we think about it and our user vote for it here:

  4. Rainer Dubaschny
    7. 11. 2017

    Der neue Routenplaner ist ein Graus.
    Sicher ist es angenehm, wenn ein Programm dem Anwender das Setzen der Wegpunkte abnimmt, aber das muss dann auch technisch einwandfrei sein.
    Der neue Locus-Routenplaner ist (noch) zu mangelhaft.
    Er kann immer wieder nicht die Strecke berechnen. Irgendwann geht das wieder teilweise. Und dann werden alle nicht verbundenen Punkte Kreuz und quer mit vorhergehenden verbunden. Die berechnete Strecke ist dann sehr viel länger.
    Wenn nicht berechnet werden bzw. Der Weg auf der Karte nicht eingezeichnet werden kann, dann wäre es sinnvoll, diese Teilstücke nach Art des alten Streckenplaners einzubinden.
    Gebt mir den alten Routenplaner für die reine manuelle Wegplanung zurück. Der neue ist so nicht zu gebrauchen!
    Ja, was ist Locus ohne einwandfreiem Routenplaner? Nichts!

    • Locus team
      8. 11. 2017

      Hi Rainer, new route planner surely enables "pure manual route planning", just select manual mode in the drawing mode selector (more info at And that route planner "not always calculates distance"? You should specify this statement and add screenshots - please report at Michal, Locus team

    8. 11. 2017

    I wonder if the Travel Time can be set by user, for example, the Speed, Vm/h and Rest Time.

    • Locus team
      8. 11. 2017

      Hi, no, only choose among offered profiles. They are all tested and created upon consensus with Locus power users and beta testers.

  6. Micha
    11. 11. 2017

    It would be really helpful if Locus could display tracks in igc format.

    Furthermore, it would be nice to record tracks in Locus in valid igc format as a back-up to my flight instrument. Today, I use an additional app just for this purpose.

    • Locus team
      13. 11. 2017

      we are sorry but we are not going to add support of flight recorder data format - Locus Map is an outdoor navigation for hiking and mountain biking. There are a lot of free web converters that can convert igc to e.g. GPX that can be imported to Locus as back-up (see e.g.

  7. Peter
    13. 11. 2017

    Hallo! Bei meinen aufgezeichneten Tracks wird der Kartenausschnitt der Route nicht gerendert. Das ist schade, weil ich beim Teilen der Route nur die Statistik sehe und nicht Karte.
    Viele Grüße

    • Locus team
      14. 11. 2017

      I'm sorry we communicate in English only. Have you checked your settings of the track line style? Beginning with the app default style (Locus settings > Maps > Points&Tracks > Track line style). For more fluent communication, please contact us at

  8. YexiangZhang
    23. 11. 2017

    could you add a 3D map model view,just like google earth or orux map app? The offline dem data can construct a 3D terrain, which has a intuitive illustration when hiking. Thanks a lot.

    • Locus team
      23. 11. 2017

      Hi, all ideas for improvement are posted at our helpdesk so that other users can vote for it. For this you can vote here:

  9. Sheraz khan
    10. 12. 2017

    Locus is one of the best app for nav. Just to say that plz add AIR NAVIGATION option in it for pilots like me. Thanks.

    • Locus team
      11. 12. 2017

      Hi Sheraz,
      Locus Map is primarily an outdoor activity navigation app - for hiking, biking, geocaching etc. Aviation is not our field of expertise and Locus Map is not designed for it.

  10. Michael
    20. 12. 2017

    I like and use Locus Pro a lot but there is one thing that really bothers me from beginning. Why Locus is not able to offer a consistent view of city and town names ? You can zoom in or out but it is pure coincindence if you see a town name or not. Even big cities don't show their name. Instead I see a lot of (not really) important names of highway exits.
    I use openandromaps and with Cruiser app there is no problem to get a correct view of city/town names in all zoom levels, so what is the problem with locus ?
    And a second really disturbing issue is, if I use the "turn map" mode, all the labels of the map get also turned - why that ? This is a basic feature of all map apps to turn the map but not the labels.
    I wonder why these really essential features do not even have an entry or votes in the ideas section ?

    • Locus team
      21. 12. 2017

      Hi Michael,
      the problem of inconsistent displaying of city names is in OSM database from which our LoMaps are rendered (and Andromaps too). We know that and Locus users too, e.g. Guys in Cruiser obviously found a solution - but not us, so far. We're working on it. Similar situation is regarding the map label rotation - dedicated car-navigations like Sygic or Tomtom don't rotate them, that's right. It's also because they're dedicated - they use only one type of map for one purpose. Unlike Locus Map, offering maps of many providers, of many data formats, for many purposes. And car-navigation is not the main, we are a priori an outdoor app. Nevertheless, at least for vector maps, there is a solution that we have to find and implement. And it's not true that this essential feature doesn't have an idea entry. See e.g.
      There's always a lot of work on our app, we know it.
      Michal, Locus team

  11. Manjeet
    24. 12. 2017

    I bought pro version I couldn't find way points based maps
    Is any plug in available for pro version
    Thanks Manjeet

    • Locus team
      24. 12. 2017

      Hi Manjeet,
      what do you mean by "way points based maps"? Is it points of interest displayed on maps? Download Asamm LoMaps from Locus Store. They contain dynamic POIs. If there's a different problem, please contact us at

  12. Ярослав
    31. 1. 2018

    I want to cancel the subscription until the function is properly processed.
    How to do it? I did not find the opportunity to cancel in the Locus store.

    Thank you!

    • Locus team
      31. 1. 2018

      Hi, what subscription would you like to cancel? Any maps or features?

  13. Russ Shearwood
    1. 6. 2021

    Hi, I would like to buy Backroads Mapbook maps for Vancouver Island but it's the 8th edition and 9th has been out for almost a year. When will 9th edition be available?

    • Michal, Locus team
      1. 6. 2021

      Hi Russ,
      at the moment we don't know but we'll find out.

  14. Emanuel
    14. 7. 2021

    Hello, I want to uninstall the app because I dont need it anymore. Where can I delete my profile first? Thanks Emanuel

    • Michal, Locus team
      15. 7. 2021

      Hi, contact us please at and send a private ticket with your account address. We'll remove the account for you.

  15. Jay Brooks
    28. 10. 2021

    I suddenly lost the ability to zoom out on all maps. Everything else seems to still work properly. The view range seems to be less than one square mile or so. I have a PIxel 3a using Android 11

    • Michal, Locus team
      1. 11. 2021

      Hi Jay, better contact the helpdesk at and send screenshots and more info - what maps you use etc. Thanks Michal, Locus team

  16. Imre Makra
    25. 1. 2022

    Hi Locus Team!

    Do you plan to make a map layer based on satellite /like google maps/?

    Regards, Imre

    • Michal, Locus team
      27. 1. 2022

      Hi Imre, yes, we are looking for a suitable satellite map partner.

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