1. Selo
    11. 3. 2015

    Why can't actualize my pro version to the actual release. I bought it through ANDROIDPIT.

    • hanicka
      11. 3. 2015

      Hello Selo.
      Unfortunately, AndroidPIT store is closed. Pleae read a blog post here https://www.locusmap.app/androidpit-app-center-store-is-closing/ and here is blog post about compensation https://www.locusmap.app/locus-map-pro-apk-for-androidpit-users/

  2. Steffen Hartmann
    11. 3. 2015

    I couldn't find any information about system requirements for the new version 3.7.0 - did they increase? Because I cannot update my Galaxy S2 with Android 2.3.4 from Locus Pro 3.5.3 to a higher version. Google Play store doesn't offer/allow an update. Is this correct?
    My Galaxy S5 mini has updated to 3.7 successfully...
    Greetings, Steffen

    • mstupka
      12. 3. 2015

      Hi Steffen, Locus Map requires android version 4.0 and higher since the version 3.6. We wrote about it here >>

  3. Tim
    12. 3. 2015

    As a pro user I must say Locus is a great app! I'd love to see the feature of an optional private area (for examplea a user defined point with a user defined radius) within which track points are not stored. This could be a global setting or a setting of a tracking profile. That way it would become very easy to protect one's privacy before uploading tracks to some online services. The implementation should be simple and straightforward.
    Strava has a similar feature where you can define a private area which is not shown to other users.
    The actual workaround in Locus is to start recording with a timer and stop early before home.
    (Nice to have would be to have a check box like "enable private area for this record" on the recording panel). Best regards and sorry for posting here since I try to avoid some new forum account...maybe someone might also copy and paste this as a feature request.

    • mstupka
      12. 3. 2015

      Hi Tim, your idea has been submitted as a feature request at our helpdesk and it's started to collect votes. When it gathers demand enough, we'll plunge into developing a suitable solution.

  4. fmachata
    12. 3. 2015

    Dobrý den, zdá se mi to, nebo už Locus nepodporuje souřadnicový systém S-JTSK? Ještě před pár dny jsem ho určitě používal...

    • mstupka
      12. 3. 2015

      Dobrý den, děkujeme za upozornění. Podporu S-JTSK máme stále v seznamu, bohužel během aktualizace se někam vytratila :) Opravíme v nejbližší bugfix verzi, omlouváme se za nepříjemnost.

      • fmachata
        13. 3. 2015

        Bezva, děkuji, používal jsem ji v podstatě jako svůj hlavní souřadnicový systém :)

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