Here’s all you asked us during the last two weeks

Michal, Locus team

It’s been over two weeks since the Locus Map 4 launch. It triggered a great wave of interest among our users and also among those who heard about this app for the first time. And almost everything we’ve been doing during this time is answering thousands of questions. Here’s the summary of the most frequent ones:

WEB planner and library

Great stuff but what more to expect?

  • User points on map – so far, the points are only synchronized with the cloud but are not displayed in the planner. Quite a lot of you got upset by this and we are sorry – we underestimated this a bit but we’re revving all our engines to add it ASAP.
  • More tracks on map at once – the same as above, please be patient
  • More UI features to come – centering button, road surfaces, way types for the planner
  • Track/route import – GPX and other formats
  • Track editing
  • More maps from other providers – until recently we thought the online LoMap is enough. We re-thought it but first we have to evaluate and select which sources could be viable
  • Live Tracking integration
  • Continuous improvement of LoMaps, LoPoints and LoRouter – please don’t hesitate and send us your ideas – what is missing? What should we focus on? What to improve? What to fix?

What are the best practices for data synchronization?

  • take the first device on which you have the oldest Locus data (tracks, routes, points). This device should ideally have all your complete data
  • go to the main menu > Go Premium > log in and subscribe to Premium Gold
  • open your track/point manager and tap the sync button in the topbar
  • confirm manual synchronization, let it go all the way through
  • your personal database on the cloud has been created – you can sync other devices or plan/save routes in the web planner

Locus Map Pro

What’s its future?

Locus Map Pro will be maintained and updated so that it is still fully available in Google Play Store and is compatible with all future Android versions. When the transition of the most of the current Pro users starts to decline, we’ll rename it to Locus Classic.

Why is Locus Map 4 better?

Even the basic free version of Locus Map 4 brings a solid bundle of improvements:

  • new user interface â€“ the main screen, better structured feature menu, ergonomic controlling, clearer point detail, track detail etc.
  • new native online content â€“ default online LoMaps, LoRouter and LoPoints
  • new route planner with integrated map content panel
  • OneDrive support for direct import/export and automatic backup
  • track recording widget also in the basic version for free

Can I use both versions?

Yes, both versions are autonomous apps with their own configuration. If they are installed in the internal memory they share the main database files – tracks, routes, points and maps. When you uninstall one of them, the data remain in the device.

EDIT 29/12/2021, Android 11+ devices: both apps use their own data – maps, tracks, points, etc. The data can’t be shared between them any more. More info here >>

How can I get the discount as the Pro user?

Firstly, make sure you have logged in Locus Store in your Locus Map Pro. Then, when you tap Go Premium in the Locus Map 4 menu and log in the My Locus profile, you are automatically offered the discounted subscriptions.

How long will the discount available?

At this time, there is no deadline, no time limit when the discount offer should end.

Why am I not “Silver” automatically when I have bought Locus Map Pro?

At the beginning, there were two separate applications – Locus Map Free and Locus Map Pro. Locus Map 4 is the successor of Locus Map Free, not of Locus Map Pro. Therefore, there is no relation between your purchase of Locus Map Pro and subscribing to Premium Silver.

However, when you log in and the system recognizes you as the Pro owner (see above), you get the Silver for free for one year.

Will my Locus Map Watch Pro work with Locus Map 4?

No, add-on Locus Map Pro Watch communicates only with Locus Map Pro app. Locus Map 4 as a direct successor of Locus Map Free communicates with Locus Map Free Watch add-on. The add-on is identical to Locus Map Pro Watch. They have only different names. We had to duplicate them because of Samsung’s regulations forbidding one add-on serving two apps.

Locus Map 4

Where’s the rotation button, zoom buttons, zoom lock, magnifier?

Rotation of the map is controlled by the multifunctional centering button:

Zoom buttons are hidden by default but you can make them visible in Locus settings > controlling > Panels & buttons:

Zoom lock and maginfier are also hidden but you can add them to the function panel:

Dark mode causes the screen blinking and other problems

Unfortunately, this is caused by an agressive behavior of the MIUI system dark mode in Xiaomi devices. Exclude Locus Map from the system dark mode and all will be OK.

Locus Map records tracks wrongly even if it is not battery optimized

In Android 10 and 11, Locus Map needs a special extra permission for access to location when running in the background. This permission prompt emerges right before the action is started – track recording, navigation, guidance etc. Please, give it to it so that tha track recording on the background runs smoothly.

What about my maps? Do I have to download them all again?

No, as we have mentioned above, Locus Map Pro and Locus Map 4 share the same data folders. Only, if you have maps linked to Locus Map Pro from an external storage (SD card), you have to link them the same way in Locus Map 4.

Will my app stay in Premium when I’m offline for a longer time?

Yes, of course. Your subscribed app stays as it is with all subscribed features. When you get online and the app finds out your subs expired, it gives you a grace period long enough to re-subscribe comfortably.

Locus Map 4 manual contains obsolete information

We deeply apologize for this inconvenience. The user’s manual will be updated in the near future. If you have any questions, please ask us at our helpdesk.


  1. Jessy73
    23. 4. 2021

    Hi, do you know when we update on OpenStreetMap, when do we see the update in your Locus basemap ? Thanks, cheers ! Jessy

    • Michal, Locus team
      28. 5. 2021

      Hi Jessy, in online LoMaps the change emerges after cca two weeks, on offline LoMaps after the new issue - we issue offline LoMaps 4 times a year.

  2. DĂ©nes
    23. 4. 2021

    What about the one-time payment upgrade from Locus Map Pro? Is there anything on the horizon?

    • Michal, Locus team
      28. 5. 2021

      Hi DĂ©nes, there will be no one-time payment for Locus Map 4

      • Timo
        2. 6. 2021

        Is that the outcome of the internal discussions?

        In an earlier post the statement was,that one-time payments will be made available at the end of the year (

        Any news on the "cherry-picker" idea, so adfs one can choose the functionality he wants freely without having to stick to pre-configured packages?

        • Michal, Locus team
          2. 6. 2021

          Hi Timo,
          "one-time payment upgrade from Locus Map Pro" as DĂ©nes put it will not be available. We are preparing single payment time vouchers though (without auto-renewal).

  3. bezel
    24. 4. 2021

    within the routplanner - you can display the hight display - but still I miss there the displaying of the slope-data!
    For several months now OSMAND offers the possibility to show simultaneously on two "screens" the route on the map and below the profile of the height INCLUDING the slope in percentage (at the point in the map or height profile you clicking).

    I know the slope/percentage can't be absolutely correct, but anyway - this approximate value combined with the profile of the height. It is a great and very good feature Osmand offers now.
    Why can't this be possible in Locus either?

    This feature would be such a great help especially for all the cyclists - and it would make Locus much more complete than it is already.
    Please - I would be so thankful if you/ someone can work on this!
    We miss this feature in Locus so much (and eg Osmand did find a solution to show the slope-% at each selected point)...

    It is a feature which is really, really helpful for all actives out there:
    to show at a selected point within a track the slope at that point!
    Please add this feature to locus!

    Thanks so much!

    • Michal, Locus team
      28. 5. 2021

      Hi bezel, it is possible to color the route planner route line according to the slope angle. Slope values on the elevation chart aren't planned - there is small or no demand for it. Any change of the app goes through the users' voting at our helpdesk. So please post your idea there and let others vote for it.

  4. Maciej
    25. 4. 2021

    Im waiting for editing function in web planner.
    Good job team đŸ€—

    • Michal, Locus team
      28. 5. 2021

      Hi Maciej,
      we are working hard on the web planner. Just wait a little longer.

  5. bn
    25. 4. 2021

    Hi, when will be possibile to use the smartwatch add (Samsung Tizen) on version 4 ?

    • Michal, Locus team
      28. 5. 2021

      It's been always possible. Only change the addon to the Locus Map Watch Free - Locus Map 4 is a direct successor of LM Free so it communicates with the same add-on.

  6. Werner Seifried
    25. 4. 2021

    Programm kommt so fĂŒr nicht in Frage, da die SD Karte fĂŒr die Karten nicht benutzt werden kann.

    • Michal, Locus team
      28. 5. 2021

      Locus Map 4 can use maps on SD card the same way as Locus Map Pro, see

    1. 5. 2021

    Und warum funktionieren Karten auf externer SD bei mir auch mit LM4?

  8. Ronald Holzwarth
    4. 5. 2021

    ich habe ein paar WĂŒnsche zur E-Bike Nutzung.
    letztes Jahr bei meinen Touren fĂŒrs Stadtradeln habe ich bei lĂ€ngeren Touren mei LadegerĂ€t mitgenommen. Bei einer Tour Fulda, Milseburg, Wasserkuppe, Fulda musste ich es auch nutzen. Die Suche nach zugĂ€nglichen Steckdosen, bzw. Ladestationen war sehr schwierig -in einem Cafe bin ich dann fĂŒndig geworden- und habe meinen Akku teilladen können.
    Bei der Suche im WEB bin ich auf verschiedene Angebote an E-Sation- Apps gestoßen; der Bereich der Rhön war aber z.B. leer und weiter hatten die Apps verschiedene Ladestationsarten als Inhalt.
    Mein Wunsch ist eine Integration der E-Ladestationen als Punktegruppe mit Punkten fĂŒr:
    1.Ladestation mit Steckdose (oder öffentlich zugĂ€ngliche, genehmigte Außen-Steckdose)
    2.Ladestation mit abschließbarem Akku- Fach
    3.Ladestation mit "bike energy"- Ladekabel (Mietmöglichkeit angeben)
    4.RadstĂŒtzpunkte, die das Laden anbieten, wie FahrradwerkstĂ€tten, Bett & Bike- Stationen
    Die unterschiede sollten aus dem Punktesymbol erkennbar sein.
    Die Punktbeschreibung sollte die Adresse, den Anbieter, die Anschlußbedingungen, die Kosten, die Öffnungszeiten und die Anzahl der AnschlĂŒsse enthalten. Weiterhin wĂ€ren Angaben zur Gastronomie oder/und Lebensmitteleikauf (auch in der NĂ€he) z.B. Cafetrinken wĂ€hrend des Ladens nĂŒtzlich.

    Ein weiterer Wunsch (fĂŒr Radreisende) Punktegruppe Bett&Bike (integration der B&B- App) und Ă€hnlicher Angebote in Europa.

    • Michal, Locus team
      28. 5. 2021

      Hi Ronald,
      if the charging sockets are in the OSM data, we'll add them. Another option is to download a GPX file with the sockets and import them into Locus (if there is any). Any change of the app goes through the users' voting at our helpdesk. So please post your idea there and let others vote for it.

  9. Fritz K.
    5. 5. 2021

    O nein, bitte nicht so etwas auch noch. SelbstverstĂ€ndlich ist das meine persönliche Meinung. Radtouren mit E-Motor auf Natur zerstörten AsphaltbĂ€ndern, ist nun mal meine Sache nicht. Meine Beobachtung an Radlertreffpunkten ist auch, wie Pedelecfahrer die mildtĂ€tigen Blicke der "echten Radler" genant kontrollierend zur Kenntnis nehmen dĂŒrfen ...mĂŒssen ...und dann noch etwas, ich schreibe das als einer der Locus fast von Beginn an nutzt, als Wanderer, Nordicwalker, SkilanglĂ€ufer, Radler mit Mountainbike, Trekkingrad und ja, nicht aber mit meinem 20" Kompaktpedelec, dass ich mir fĂŒr Stadterledigungen zugelegt hatte und das nun meistens in der Ecke stehen bleibt, weil ich die 2-3 Kilometer doch lieber zu Fuß gehe.
    So hĂ€tte ich nur noch einen, allerdings keinen dringlichen Wunsch, nĂ€mlich, die Aufnahme von Flusskilometrierungen von Wasserkarten. Aber wie schon angeklungen, verwende ich Locus MAP 4, wie auch Locus Map pro, auch als Kajakfahrer und schĂ€tze dabei die detailgenauen FlussverlĂ€ufe und die Abbildungen der Anrainer. Gebe es 6 Sterne wĂŒrde ich diese vergeben. Ich gratuliere!

  10. Gerhard Schweizer
    8. 5. 2021

    FĂŒr den Web Tourenplaner wĂŒnsche ich mir einen Knopf zum ein- ausblenden der Route um die Wege auf der Karte besser zu sehen. Eine Satelliten Karte wĂ€re hilfreich. Zur Zeit habe ich meine Routen vom Web Tourenplaner im LoRouter Offline neu berechnet. Der bietet viele Vorteile im Vergleich zum alten BRouter. Insbesondere das KartenmenĂŒ, das wĂ€hrend der Routenplanung zugĂ€nglich ist.
    Macht weiter so.

    • Michal, Locus team
      28. 5. 2021

      Hi Gerhard, we'll think about it.

  11. Frank
    12. 5. 2021

    Der ganze untere Bedienbereich gefĂ€llt mir ĂŒberhaupt nicht. Sieht schick aus, ist aber alles schwerer zu treffen und wirkt unruhig.

  12. Geoff
    14. 5. 2021

    I would be very willing to pay a reasonable price if I could install my own maps from PDF or PNP. I would pay more up front for that ability. Is this possible to do yet?

    • Michal, Locus team
      28. 5. 2021

      Support of PDF maps is planned.

  13. Stefan
    16. 5. 2021

    Eigentlich wollte ich weiterhin Locus Pro 3,5 weiternutzen, da der Funktionsumfang alles bietet was ich brauche. Aber die Version 4.0 hat mich wirklich begeistert, so dass ich bereits nach 2 Tagen das Gold-Abo gebucht habe, außerdem wollte ich eure tolle Arbeit fĂŒr diese geniale App honorieren. Ich finde bei Design und Bedienung ist wirklich eine Verbesserung gelungen, und die Synchronisation mit mit anderen GerĂ€ten ist super. Leider ist die QualitĂ€t der Trackaufzeichnung in der Version 4.0 nicht gut im Vergleich mit Locus Pro. Das Höhenprofil und die Höhenmeter sind zum Teil völlig daneben, und seit 3 Tagen gibt es auch Ausreißer bei der Wegaufzeichnung. Ich bin daher bei meiner heutigen Wanderung wieder auf Locos Pro 3.5 zurĂŒck und alles war bestens. Bitte behebt den Fehler in der Version 4 da ich diese wirklich ansonsten super finde. VG Stefan

    • Michal, Locus team
      28. 5. 2021

      Hi Stefan, please get Locus Map 4 permission for all-time access to location and exclude it from all means of battery optimization so that the app can run in the background. Instructions on how to do it are summed up here: or here:

  14. ekael
    20. 5. 2021

    Ich benutze seit Jahren Locus Map Pro (aktuelle Version) und bin sehr zufrieden damit.
    Jetzt habe ich mir auch die neue Version 4 installiert und stelle fest, dass wieder alles mit Werbung zugemĂŒllt ist. Und als ich versuche, ĂŒber Locus Map Web einen Track in der Bibliothek zu speichern, werden von mir die Premium-Gold-Dienste verlangt. Das halte ich fĂŒr eine ĂŒble Abzocke.
    Unter diesen Voraussetzungen werde ich wohl auf Komoot oder andere (kostenlose!) Anbieter umstellen.

    • Michal, Locus team
      28. 5. 2021

      As the Locus Map Pro user you can have the Premium Gold for 50% discount for a year. The subscription finances the maintenance, updates, support, and third-party services like GraphHopper, Google address search, DarkSky weather forecast, storage services etc. We would go bankrupt if we stayed by the single payment apps.

  15. Roie
    23. 5. 2021

    If I move to the new LM, what will happen with the offline maps I bought in LM pro? Do I need to rebuy them or?

    • Michal, Locus team
      28. 5. 2021

      Hi, you can use them in any Locus Map. Their purchase is related to your Locus Store account, not to the app version.

  16. Sprechende Hecke
    1. 6. 2021

    Hallo, ich hatte mich vor Kurzem im Wald bei Regen verlaufen. Locus Map 3.5 sollte mich heraus fĂŒhren, aber das Smartphone MotoG4 wurde recht heiß und ich mußte feststellen, das erst nach ca. 10Minuten die Standortanzeige korrekt war.
    Jetzt brauche ich ein neues Smartphone weil der Regen auf das Display zuviel war.
    Was muss ich beim Kauf beachten, um eine möglichst schnelle Navigation zu erhalten? Bringen 8GB RAM gegenĂŒber 4GB nennenswerten Vorteil?

    • Michal, Locus team
      2. 6. 2021

      Hi, yes, the bigger RAM brings faster performance. But I comfortably use Locus with 4 GB RAM, octacore Xiaomi Note 4.

  17. Timo Scheidig
    3. 6. 2021

    Thanks for the clarification. With reference to the linked post above and one comment which was asking for a price of the one-time payment, I think it was necessary to clarify that.

    Despite seeing the need need for you guys to have a subscription service I am not particularly fond of it, it would be nice to at least have the option for a onetime payment to unlock certain functions (which do not cause API costs on your end) and to get rid of the ads.

    But anyway, keep up the good work, I am looking forward to the new functions the web planner will provide and I am sure once that took off the subscription costs might seem more reasonable.

  18. charlie maguire
    11. 6. 2021

    Hi. I am trying to use locus maps offline and have followed all your instructions regarding brouter but it will not work for me. What is wrong or what am I doing wrong please.
    I am very new to locus maps. And I find there is a lot to take in!

    • Michal, Locus team
      14. 6. 2021

      Hi Charlie, its difficult to say without knowing the steps you do and that lead to the fault. Please contact our support team at and describe your action thoroughly.

  19. Reiner
    12. 6. 2021

    "Eigene Punkte auf der Karte – Bisher werden die Punkte nur mit der Cloud synchronisiert, aber nicht im Planer angezeigt. Viele von Ihnen haben sich darĂŒber geĂ€rgert und wir bedauern dieses VersĂ€umnis – wir haben dies etwas verschlafen, aber wir arbeiten mit Hochdruck daran, es so schnell wie möglich hinzuzufĂŒgen."

    Seit eurem Statement sind nun schon 6 Woche vergangen.
    Wann können wir mit einer Umsetzung rechnen?

    • Michal, Locus team
      14. 6. 2021

      Hi Reiner, unfortunately, it is not as simple as one could imagine. We expect it to be done at the end of this summer.

  20. Giuseppe Giancaspro
    16. 6. 2021

    locus map 4 does not speak when I start guide, while it works fine when I navigate to.
    Locus map pro on the other hand works great in both ways. Why this problem?
    xiami note 9 pro

    • Michal, Locus team
      17. 6. 2021

      Hi, check if you have set text-to-speech in guidance notification settings.

  21. Erik
    1. 8. 2021

    Hi, I switched from Locus Pro 3.x to Locus 4 Premium gold.
    The LoMaps are not so interesting for me, because the Single-Trails are not marked as good as in the openandromap with the mtb-scale.

    But this is a minor issue for me.

    What I exspected from the gold subscription was a two-way-sync-process, meaning that I can group all my tracks (>500 in europe) in Folders (I already have on my PC) and sync them to the device.
    What I found out yet was, that I can sync from the device to the cloud and export from the cloud but not import into the cloud - is there a plan to change this?

    • Michal, Locus team
      9. 8. 2021

      hi Erik,
      managing the tracks and folders in the web library is still waiting for implementation as well as the import.

  22. Holger
    29. 8. 2021

    Dear LM-Team,

    as a user from the first beginnings on I'm positively searching for a way to go to the new version without any kind of subscription. But as I, like some of your users, am strictly against subscriptions.. It just wanted to clarify this for me: There is no single-payment-version (it might be high, even around a hundred euros, as you really developed an App which definitely is worth quite a big summ) planned any more?
    I definitely would buy it even if it would cost a big sum. A subscription on the other hand, would be no alternative for me.
    So, the question:
    Is there still a single-payment-version (gold/silver/...) planed?
    A version without a subscription?

    Thanks a lot! I really would appreciate to upgrade to the new version!

    • Michal, Locus team
      30. 8. 2021

      Hi Holger,
      we've been thinking about dozens of ways how to finance the development of Locus Map. We need to maintain its effectiveness, progressiveness and effort to reach goals we and our users put together. According to our surveys and calculations, the subscription-based production seems to be the most effective way how to maintain the course of our team. After half a year, though, it is too soon for the resolution assessment. Nevertheless, our users wished to enhance the app with a complex webserver infrastructure and cloud services. These, plus continuous development, maintenance, support and third-party services like GraphHopper, Google address search, DarkSky weather forecast, storage services etc. can't be sustainably financed from single purchases any longer.

  23. Tom Clark
    19. 10. 2021

    I purchased Locus Map Pro to guide my off-road trips in Arizona. A number of folks in Arizona die each year due to the rough conditions away from the highways, so a reliable, easy to use mapping software package is important. Over the last three years I've built up a large collection of off road trails just in Arizona ... over 1000 trails. Plus, I've come to trust Locus Map Pro to not malfunction and leave me without directions. Help me feel comfortable with Locus Map 4.4 please.

    1) Do I have to give up Locus Map Pro to start a subscription to Locus Map 4.4?

    2) If Locus Map 4.4 (silver or gold) doesn't work out for me ... can I revert back to Locus Map Pro?

    3) If I can keep Locus Map Pro, can I maintain both Locus Map Pro and Locus Map 4.4 on the same tablet/smart phone?

    Thank you ... Tom

    • Michal, Locus team
      19. 10. 2021

      Hi Tom,

      1) no, both apps can run simultaneously
      2) yes, you don't have to stop using LM Pro ever
      3) see point 1) - yes you can

      • Tom Clark
        19. 10. 2021

        Thank You ...

  24. Bluey
    19. 10. 2021

    Please add New Zealand topo maps to the Planner. My friends and I are waiting for this before we go gold. Currently using BCnav XE. Thanks

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