Check a few tips for troubleshooting recent external issues

Michal, Locus team

Stuck Locus Map Pro initialization, missing geocache listing, impossibility to send offline logs or Locus being killed on new Huawei phones – these are problems upsetting not just many of our users but also us, Locus developers. None of them, however, are caused by our fault. Here we summarize information describing the issues and their possible solutions:

Issue 1: Locus Map Pro initialization stucks


This issue was caused by a faulty version of Google Play application. Locus Map Pro validates its license through it and the process was interrupted.


Update your Google Play to version number 10.7.19. (you can check your version via Google Play store > Menu > Settings > “Build version”).  New Google Play app version isn’t still available for all devices but we expect that should be ready for everyone soon.

In case you don’t want to wait for official update there is still following workaround:

  • open Android settings > Apps > Google Play
  • tap on Disable or Menu > Uninstall updates > submit dialog to set app into Factory state
  • open again Google Play store > from Menu > Settings > scroll down and tap on “Build version”
  • confirm downloading new version > wait couple minutes and check build version again. It should be 10.06.08 or 10.7.19
  • after that restart Locus Map

Issue 2: Missing listing in geocache detail view


A few months ago Groundspeak Inc., company behind, decided to terminate displaying of listing of geocaches downloaded by Basic members through third party applications.


Issue 3: It is not possible to log in to Geocaching Live services


Groundspeak Inc., provider of website, has resolved to terminate support of older communication protocols used in Android 4.0.3, 4.0.4., 4.1, 4.2 and 4.4


We succeded to fix this issue for Androids 4.1, 4.2 and 4.4. Unfortunately, Androids 4.0.3. and 4.0.4.  are no longer supported.

  • update Geocaching4Locus addon
  • update to latest Locus Map Free Beta (has the same features as Pro version. Fixed production versions of Free and Pro will be available later. How to become a Beta tester >>)

Issue 4: Locus Map killed, losing GPS signal or unable to record tracks on Huawei/Honor devices running Android 7 or 8+


Huawei/Honor devices are put into some deep sleep mode after some time and all GPS-dependent apps running on background (i.e. not only Locus Map) are inhibited or terminated.


As the issue is caused by Huawei system (EMUI) error (being now solved by Huawei and Google Services developers), it is now not possible to keep Locus Map stable on these devices.

  • The only solution (so far) is using a custom ROM

Here you can monitor latest development of this issue >>


  1. Lorenzo Cassani
    20. 7. 2018

    Huawei and Honor have issues also with Bluetooth as I can read in the comments of users about Garmin Connect app

  2. Vivian Heldoorn
    21. 7. 2018

    Hello sir/madam

    I seem to have problems with downloading the England map.

    Is thuis a known issue?

    Greetings Vivian

    • Locus team
      23. 7. 2018

      Hi Vivian, no, it's not. Please contact us at and describe your problem in detail.

  3. Amos shani
    29. 7. 2018

    Can't export to cloud. Neither dropbox nor google drive

    • Locus team
      6. 8. 2018

      Hi, please contact us at and attach full description of your problem, how you get to it step-by-step, screenshots etc.

  4. Roberto Guidi
    16. 8. 2018

    Congratulations for your app locus map pro. Mary i ask you where i can find a tutorial and a legenda?
    I do nor understand how ELEVATION loss and gain are calculated.

    • Locus team
      16. 8. 2018

      Hi Roberto, elevation gain is a total of all ascended elevation meters on the track. Elevation loss is a total of all descended elevataion meters. LoCus manual including LoMaps legend is here:

  5. Attila Frantal
    4. 9. 2018

    Hi Locus Team!
    I have a Xiaomi Pocophone F1 mobile phone. My Locus Map Pro application can't use my phone barometer for altitude. My menu option (settings/GPS&sensors/altitude manager/barometer sensor use) is inactive in my Locus app. Why inactive this option? Is that any problem WITH my phone or do I have to set up other option before this?

    • Locus team
      4. 9. 2018

      check in your system settings > apps > permissions if Locus Map has access to the barometer.

  6. Thomas Loveless
    11. 9. 2018

    I am trying to get PADUS working on Locus Pro. I had a script that used to work but PADUS changed their website so the script stopped working.

    • Locus team
      12. 9. 2018

      Hi Thomas, please contact us at, we'll try to help.

    23. 9. 2018

    Guten Tag,

    Nach dem Kauf der Pro Version kann ich keine Karten kaufen, ich bekomme keine Verifizierungs-Mail auf mein Konto.


    • Locus team
      24. 9. 2018

      Hi Rena, have you checked your spam folder as well?

    • Locus team
      24. 9. 2018

      If it is not in your spam folder, then try to register once again. Then please let us know if it is OK.

  8. Christian
    15. 6. 2021

    Sorry, aber Locus 4 braucht kein Mensch!

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