AndroidPIT App Center store is closing

Dear users,

The App Center will be terminated on 31 December 2014. It means that you will not be able to purchase or re-install your purchased applications from the AppCenter store since 1 January 2015.

Please read AndroidPIT official announcement here.

As is mentioned in the official announcement from AndroidPIT  you can contact applications developers for problem solving of your purchased licenses even after 31 December 2014. However, the FonPIT company providing AndroidPIT site and AppCenter store did not give us any authority to refund or transfer the purchased licenses or applications to your Google Play accounts.

Immediately after the AndroidPIT’s official announcement was published we posted a requirement on their forum for the solution of this complicated situation.

To date we have not received any response.

You can find our requirement to AndroidPIT here.

We will inform you of additional information we are expecting from AndroidPIT. Please follow our blog for the latest information regarding the AppCenter closing.



  1. Ralf Dietrich
    9. 12. 2014

    I can´t understand why other developers transfer the license to amzon app store without cost.
    There seems to be a problem with transfer to google play store but a solution with amazon would be welcome too. There is no point in asamm insisting they couldn´t do anything. At least they got some part of the money we paid for the app. In amazon other vendors just release vouchers for the new buy. But it seems Locus wants to earn on androidpit´s closing by selling their app a second time.

    • hanicka
      22. 12. 2014

      Hello Ralf. Thank you for your comment. There is a plan to provide a discount for Locus pro on Google Play. Google Play store is currently only one way how to purchase Locus Pro. You can't to get Locus license on Amazon. Please follow this blog, we will inform you about discount as soon as possible.

  2. Bernd
    12. 12. 2014

    What happens with my license from androidpit? Did you get a solution? Maybe a refund if I buy again on Google play?

    • hanicka
      22. 12. 2014

      Hello Bernd. You can still use your Locus Pro license, but without possibility to update Locus. The solution is to purchase Locus Pro application via Google Play. There is a plan to provide discount for Locus Pro on Google Play store. Please follow this blog, we will inform you soon.

  3. Thorsten
    17. 12. 2014

    Androidpit claims that it is not possible to transfer the license back to you or to Google Play due to technical reasons.

    We all expect a solution from you, because we bought an offical license of your product!

  4. Andrea
    19. 12. 2014

    Hi, the androidpit closing is getting closer and closer. I would like to know what happens to my license. Most of the developers did find a solution. For example I got a voucher for Amazon, a coupon code for an in app purchase, a huge discount on the app's price or a refund via PayPal. The only developer with no information is locus. Unfortunately it's the most expensive app and I can't afford to buy again at the moment. When do you think will you come up with a solution? Thanks for your help.

    • hanicka
      22. 12. 2014

      Hello Andrea. Thank you for your comment. You can still use your purchased license of Locus app but without updates. There is a plan to provide discount for Locus Pro app on Google Play store. Please follow this blog. In a few days we will post an information.

  5. Peter
    20. 1. 2015

    Hi, after reistalling Locus it runs only without license - very poor :-(
    Is there any solution?

    • hanicka
      11. 3. 2015

      Hello Peter.
      Thank you for your comment. Please install also AppCenter for license verify. You can install AppCenter here

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