Addresses offline. Worldwide. Really.

Michal, Locus team

Locus Map 3.17 is here with a long, long awaited feature – offline address search. It took us a little bit more time to tackle this task than we had expected. Petr and Menion had to solve many issues so that the system would be functional worldwide. However, they succeeded and Locus can offer addresses without need to be connected to the Internet.

Are offline addresses included in the new Locus?

No, you have to update your LoMaps first. Offline addresses are included in newly rendered LoMaps packets. Offline address search doesn’t work with your current or even older LoMaps:

  • go to Locus Store

  • tap your profile settings in the upper right corner
  • select Check for updates

  • update all LoMaps that you want to use for offline search

Where do I find the offline address search?

Right where you are used to search online addresses – in Menu > Search > Address & Place:

  • go to Search > Address & Place

  • when you enter it for the first time in Locus 3.17, the icon of the topbar menu shakes and unfolds to offer both online and offline search – select Offline (next time you’ll be offered offline directly, you can change the method in the topbar menu)
  • Locus offers a list of available address packetscountries (corresponding to your updated LoMaps – if you don’t update at least one LoMap, there are no address packets). Select the country you want to search address in.
  • start writing the city name, after two characters Locus starts offering matching entries, choose one you want
  • start writing the street name, after two characters Locus starts offering matching entries, choose one you want
  • Locus displays a list of all house numbers on the street, enter numbers to narrow the selection
  • any time during the search you can tap the centering icon to show the item on the map

Anything else in the new Locus?

You bet! There are loads of minor changes and fixes as usual, rather a lot more than usual. For example navigation:

  • support of navigation commands in BRouter routing service
  • option to select means of transport (car, bike, …) for route recalculation of current active navigation


  • Swedish Lansstyrelsernas maps were added to the list of online maps (definition in Store)
  • we added option to colorize map by altitude
  • we redesigned “map overlays” screen
  • support of MapsForge V4 maps (e.g. language selection in map detail)

Points and tracks:

  • support of long tap in points/tracks list enabling selection mode and pre-selecting single item
  • all waypoints closer than 500 m from a track are now visible on track chart

Etc., etc., etc. Enjoy!


  1. tom
    18. 5. 2016

    How about live Tracking enhancements?

    • Locus team
      19. 5. 2016

      there are just some cosmetic improvements of live tracking in this edition but we are preparing much more for the next one. So stay tuned!

  2. Roger Dahlquist
    19. 5. 2016

    I cant find Swedish Lansstyrelsernas maps in store. I ned information how to find it.

    Regards Roger

    • Locus team
      19. 5. 2016

      Hi Roger,

      Swedish Lansstyrelsernas office provides geoportal based on LantmÀteriet maps from which you can display maps in Locus - so look for LantmÀteriet.

  3. Frank
    19. 5. 2016

    Tja, leider muss man dafĂŒr schon wieder extra zahlen und zwar nicht gerade wenig.
    Dazu auch noch ohne vorher testen zu können.
    FĂŒr mich nicht akzeptabel.

    • Locus team
      20. 5. 2016

      Okay, we respect it. You don't have to update your LoMaps and go on using them without offline address search. But keep in mind - you don't pay for the data but for our work.

  4. Klaus
    24. 5. 2016

    I'm still exploring all the possibilities in Locus Map Pro since a bought it a few weeks ago. After acquainting a lot of very good features, I
    encountered the problem that searching for a location by name needed an internet connection.
    But before I could make a suggestion, the update 3.17 was installed, with offline search. Wow, exciting.

    I was not so amused when I read that I have to buy again all the maps I bought 4 weeks ago. That's not so fair.

    • Locus team
      25. 5. 2016

      Hi Klaus,
      we are aware that this situation may occur. We are sorry to disappoint you but technically we didn't have another option - new maps with addresses are updates - and updates in Locus are charged no matter when you download them, even within the one-year free-downloading period of your older maps. However, you still have the option not to download the updates and enjoy Locus without offline address search.

  5. Harald Berchtold
    4. 7. 2016

    wie kann ich die offline Adressliste löschen.

    • Locus team
      7. 7. 2016


      if you want to delete address database, you have to do it manually from the directory Locus/mapsVector. You can re-download it repeatedly within one year for free.

  6. Ciao Ciao
    23. 7. 2016

    Is possible to get only addresses without map? I already have a vector map (openandromap) that supports better external themes. Thank you for this great app!

    • Locus team
      25. 7. 2016

      no, addresses are part of the LoMap database package and are not available individually.

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