Spring is waking up, enjoy it with Locus Map

Michal, Locus team

The snowdrops are slowly blooming out, out are crocuses, daffodils, and tulips. And also bear garlic! Even the trees and shrubs are discretely sprouting fresh green. You also have more time for yourself, and your loved ones these days. So use it to discover places where you haven’t been together before. Locus Map will help you.

Find your destination

So where to go? You want to avoid notorious locations – castles, lookout towers, pubs … that’s all passé. But there are so many beautiful places in your immediate vicinity that few people know about. Geocaching helps you find them! It is common knowledge that geocachers hide their treasures in places that are always somehow interesting. And they often don’t lie on busy roads and paths. These may be interesting viewpoints, naturally, historically or otherwise important sites, whose fame has long passed, but thanks to geocaching they have not been completely forgotten. And you can cope with it with basic free membership – it’s not about the game, it’s more about the inspiration .

So, if you don’t already play geocaching, download Geocaching4Locus to discover undiscovered!

How to get there?

Here again Locus Map offers its services. To get to your destination, have a look in LoMaps, you can start guidance to it or turn by turn navigation – Locus Map will find the right route based on how you travel. Are you walking? Locus will use a network of marked and unmarked paths and trails. Or by bike? Locus offers navigable paths and cycle routes. The choice is yours, you can let the app design the route completely or you can plan it in detail in the Route Planner – we strongly recommend it if you want to visit multiple destinations on your trip.

Record your trip

Do you want to know where you went on the trip, what distance and elevation gain you walked? And do you want to show it to your pals on the internet? Just record it. Start track recording as soon as you go, Locus Map will follow your every step. You can track current distance and other track statistics either directly in the track recording panel or on the dashboard – Locus Map works like a cycling computer with it, even without having to sit on a bike 🙂

Let others know where you’re roaming

Share your current location with other family members or friends so they don’t worry about you. Locus Map can do this in several ways. If you’re really alone, just use My LIVE Location – Locus Map will show your location on a simple map web page. Send the link to it to who you want. If there are more of you and you set out on a trip separately in terms of the necessary social distancing, use Live tracking – use it to track the location of all members of your scattered group.

Plan a bike route to your work

Temperatures are becoming more and more tolerable, so you can go to work on a bike in the morning. If you’ve never taken a bike to work before, it’s high time to start :). You are in the fresh air, a bit of physical effort gets your blood circulating before you enter your office, and last but not least, you avoid the crowds in the public transport. Locus Map and its Route planner will tell you where to go best. When you draw a route, choose a bike profile, and the route will be drawn along bike trails and streets with less traffic. Be sure to watch also the climb on the elevation profile shown.

Enjoy spring in health!

Photos of Tamara Garcevic and Jorik Kleen, Unsplash

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