LoPoints photos – recommended practice

Thank you for deciding to help other hikers, cyclists, travelers, and other wanderers to discover interesting places through your photos. These should primarily inspire them when deciding whether a place is worth visiting. Here we will try to give you an idea of which photos are suitable for this purpose and which are not. 

Which photos help the best?

  • Those that accurately capture the object or location on the map shown as LoPoint
  • Those that capture everything interesting about the place – e.g. the lookout tower and the view from it
  • If necessary, give additional views from other angles (maximum 4 photos)
  • Detail of LoPoint, if relevant. E.g. for an info table, a legible preview, for a restaurant a photo of the menu, etc. The more information the photo contains, the better.
  • View from the exact LoPoint location, if relevant for the object. Typical examples are lookout towers and viewpoints. Of course, also views to different sides. 

However, we honor the rule that less quality is always better than no photo!

Which photos are not accepted?

  • Showing recognizable human faces
  • Capturing people occupying a significant part of the photo
  • Photos of poor technical quality – blurry, too low resolution, too dark, too light…
  • Photos unrelated to the location or otherwise irrelevant. 
  • Photos with views that are not taken directly from the LoPoint itself
  • Photos with added elements such as frames, texts, etc. 
  • Photos containing logos, watermarks, and other advertising messages
  • Depicting violence, racism, politics, memes, vulgarity, or other obscenities

Examples of good and bad practice


A shelter occupied by people is OK as long as you can’t see faces


A photo of a playground would be OK if it didn’t show recognizable faces


The clear detail of the parking meter displays a lot of useful information when clicked


This board, on the other hand, doesn’t tell us much about the teahouse, and the opening hours are often listed right in the details of the place.


This is clearly the view from the lookout tower.


Although this monument is located near the library LoPoint to which it is attached, it is not related to it in any significant way