Not only maps. Locus Store offers also almost 7000 routes

Michal, Locus team

Hi Locusers! Last year we informed you about our ongoing work on the public route database. We promised that in the first steps the database will be filled by renowned publishing companies so the first routes and tips for trips will be planned by real guide professionals. The promise has come to its first fulfillment – a traditional tourist guide publisher Bergverlag Rother from Munich, that has celebrated 100th anniversary of their foundation this year, has supplied our Locus Store with almost 7000 hiking routes around the whole world.

Browse and search routes in Locus Store

Locus Store is divided into several sections – Maps, Routes, Points, Graphics, and Features. Until recently, the Routes section has been offering only a few tips for trips in Czechia and the route of the Via Francigena.

Rother routes will guide you all over Europe. The focus is on Germany, Italy, and Austria but many tips for trips will lead you to Switzerland, Spain, UK or France. Not only in Europe you will travel with Rother. Their guides will also recommend visits to the USA, Ecuador, Morocco or Israel.

The routes in Locus Store list view are sorted by the distance from your current position. You can also choose them by individual countries or select individual trips on the map:

Each route detail contains a short description (only German, for the time being, but we are working on other languages as well), illustrating photos, difficulty rating, distance, elevation gain/loss, estimated time and info about refreshments, suitability for kids or public transport. Map preview of the route is included:

Download into your track database

After you choose the route for your trip, you can download it to the app. Just select the appropriate folder in Locus track manager. Then you can do with the route whatever Locus Map offers – navigate it, edit it in the route planner, share it…

The downloaded route doesn’t contain just the line. It has a detailed description, many waypoints along the way with extra information and photos – natural sights, architectural places of interest, geography facts etc.:

Enjoy your future vacation!

We all hope this gruesome situation all over the world will cease. In some countries, it will be faster, somewhere else it’ll proceed more slowly. Anyway, someday we shall overcome, as the song says. And then we’ll enjoy traveling again. Take care, everybody!


  1. Willy
    5. 5. 2020

    Offer your one (location anyware)short free advertising example of the used track download format.

  2. Mstuebner
    8. 5. 2020

    Ohne Inhaltssuche und Filter ist die Liste an Routen nur sehr mühsam nutzbar. Schwierigkeitsgrad, Länge und ähnliche Kriterien waren wichtig.

    • Michal
      12. 5. 2020

      Hi, more filtering and sorting options are planned to be added in the near future. This is just the first batch of routes. Michal, Locus team

  3. Frank
    21. 5. 2020

    Eine tolle Idee.
    Ja, so ist das aktuell nicht nutzbar, da die Schwierigkeitsgrade bei Rother stark variieren.

    Beim Laden einer kostenlosen Route bekomme ich Fehlercode 95

    • Michal
      26. 5. 2020

      Hi Frank,
      if you encounter any problem with the app, please contact our helpdesk at and describe the issue in detail. Add screenshots and your login address. We'll gladly help. Michal, Locus team

  4. Mircea
    1. 6. 2020

    You need to talk to these guys for Romanian tracks:

  5. Carlo
    28. 6. 2020

    Could you open these 7000 tracks to the community in a public repository, to get crowssourced translations from German to other languages? Or at least could you provide a function for an automatic google translation of the texts in German?

    • Michal
      1. 7. 2020

      Hi, opening the routes is out of the question - the routes are products of Rother, not by us. The Google translation solution is on the table but not yet implemented.

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