Download DWG Tour&Trail maps for free!

Michal, Locus team

One of our partnered map providers, Discovery Walking Guides, has resolved to offer their digital maps for free. This amazing news is coming in the middle of dark times for traveling, we know that. Nevertheless, it’s making us look forward to what’s coming when all this coronavirus hell is over! You know, a man appreciates his freedom the best when he loses it, and that is happening right now. Anyway, let’s look ahead when the travel ban is lifted again.

DWG focus on maps covering so-called “Warm Islands” and frequented vacation coasts – Malta, Canary Islands, Madeira, Mallorca, Ibiza, Greek islands… Thus they make a lot of new opportunities for vacationers who don’t want just to lie on the beach or sit in a bar. Also, there are maps of the British Isles, and National parks in the UK – Lake District, Peak District, Dartmoor, and others. The full scope of their digital portfolio is available in Locus Store > Maps > Product lines > Discovery Walking Guides.

DWG Tour & Trail Maps feature: large, easy to read 1:40,000 scale, digitally drawn for clarity and accuracy. The maps include a wealth of topographical detail.


  1. Hoffmann
    2. 4. 2020

    Ich habe die Karten der britischen Inseln und Lake District nicht gefunden.

    • Michal
      8. 4. 2020

      British Isles or Lake District are made by DWG but they are not available in Locus Store. That may be a bit confusing info in the article. Only those maps by DWG that are in Locus Store are available for free.

  2. Christian
    3. 4. 2020

    Sorry, aber dafür kann man auch wirklich kein Geld verlangen.
    Die Karte ist im Vergleich zu Openandromaps vollkommen nutzlos.

    • Michal
      8. 4. 2020

      We are not asking for money. DWG maps are available for free.

  3. Ros
    4. 4. 2020

    Excellent news! Great to able to plan ahead while taking a virtual tour. What a generous gesture at this challenging time.

  4. Andy
    4. 4. 2020

    The free Discovery Walking Map of The Azores is not working. It downloads, but does not display.

    • Michal
      8. 4. 2020

      Hi Andy,
      we are sorry, there was a glitch in the Store. It's been fixed and now it should we working.

  5. Ali
    5. 4. 2020

    Beautiful ❤️😍

  6. Christian
    7. 4. 2020

    Hey, die Karten sind total toll. Ich könnte mir keine besseren wünschen!
    *Ironie off*

  7. Miroslav Turek
    11. 4. 2020

    Nice to have it, but there are only main turistic paths on Tenerife. Many paths we used this year are not here.

  8. Schulze
    12. 4. 2020

    Ich muss mir es erstmal ansehen bevor ich was sagen kann

  9. Schulze
    12. 4. 2020

    Nach Test kommt Bewertung

  10. Plato
    15. 4. 2020

    Muss erst testen !?

  11. Plato
    15. 4. 2020

    Muss ich erst prüfen

  12. Ljuba
    17. 4. 2020


  13. Paola
    18. 4. 2020

    Sono spariti i " punti" che avevo memorizzato. Per me questo è un grosso problema.
    Cosa può essere successo?
    Come posso fare per recuperarli?

    • Michal
      28. 4. 2020

      Hi, please contact our support at The article regards something else.

  14. Massimo Cammelli
    1. 5. 2020

    Thx q lot

  15. ivan
    22. 5. 2020

    It,is a good news

  16. Frank
    24. 6. 2020

    Very useful

  17. Troy Hanson
    25. 6. 2020

    Trying to get the map app

    • Michal
      25. 6. 2020

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